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Saturday, May 1, 2021

 Hello and Happy May!!

  It's May and Spring and I hope the weather is turning beautiful for those of you who've gone through an icky winter.  Here in Phoenix it's heating up, so Summer is not my friend and today, for instance, it's going to be 99...but not 100 yet, so that's something!  No worries, because when I win the lottery, I can finally become a snowbird and actually spend the summers "home" in Wisconsin (fingers and toes crossed really, really tight) :)

So on to the theme this month.  Is it just me or are succulents everywhere and truly a designer "thing" lately?  Didn't we just always use to call them cactus or cacti?  Is cacti just one, and cactus more than one? I'm too lazy to look it up.  Anyway, I live in the desert, so ya I see ALOT of them and maybe that's it.  I just bought a new background stamp with a bunch of tiny little ones that I adored, and so this months theme was born...ta-da!  Funny how it all comes together sometimes.

Whatever kind of succulents, cactus, cacti or whatever you choose to call them that you can find in your stash, even if it's just papers, dig them out and let me see whatcha got!  They are kinda fun to color, but my watercolor palette
is full of some real funky green water going on right now I will say!

So this is the background stamp that started it all, and she's a beauty. Yes, it's a full background, but I just chose to use part of it because as you'll see in my next creation, I used one of those cute little guys that were cut off of the bottom of this one, so no worries that any of them were harmed in the making of this card. Love this sentiment that comes with it, because it's the little things that mean so much after all of course.

Stamp Set: Plant Kindness

Here's another one of them cuties that I've put on the inside.

Ok, so this is the other card I was talking about earlier, and one of the sweetest of them I think with that tiny little heart on the planter.  Did you see the hearts on the other ones too?  Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes.  I was inspired to use this card layout from Julee Tilman over at Poetic Artistry.  You may remember her if you've been doing this as long as I have with her Mojo Monday sketches, which are always awesome, and this is another great one.  This sentiment is another from the same set, and well I love the snarky-ness of it I guess because that's just me (shrugging shoulders).....and then here's the inside.
Alrighty then, let's end with a big 'ol pot of these babies, but these are more elegant and designer focused I suppose you could say.  Yes, it's another Unity Stamp, and yes I'm obsessed with them.  But come on, is this one not gorgeous or what?  There are a handful of those bitty sentiments that come with it too.

That's a wrap for me, and now I'm hungry so a wrap does sound good right now, but I think a sub is in my very near future.  Sorry I'm a little later than usual, it's noon-time-ish here in my neck of the woods, but as I told you last month, work is kicking my behind so I slept in a little bit today.  Later I'm going to a Kentucky Derby party, but there will be no mint juleps for me because ew...just ew.  My month has a few fun things happening along the way, and some medical "testing" too, so keep sending those good vibes my way because they're working :)  

I hope your month is awesome, and full of some wonderful surprises too, so as always, please take care and stay extra safe out there. Stay positive and I'll remind myself to do the same!

Jeannie T.

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