Challenge No. 117 - Just Add Sequins ~

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Welcome to Challenge No. 117

Everyone that joined my April Showers bring May Flowers challenge really knocked it out of the park!  I just loved them all, you're all winners in my book, and I hope you appreciate how much I love to see your beautiful creations. You inspire me.  Thank you to those of you who joined :)

~ Winner and Princess Dragonfly o

Challenge No. 116 is:

~ Jackie / Get The JC Look ~

Congrats and Cheers Jackie!!  Your pretty gal Singin' in the Rain and that sweet sentiment really won my heart!  Grab your Princess Badge from over on the right sidebar and display it proudly. It is well deserved :)

~ Challenge No. 117 -

 Just Add Sequins ~
Where did these shiny little guys come from?
Sequins can be traced all the way back to the one and only King Tut.  According to Smithsonian magazine, when Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, his garments were covered in “gold sequin-like disks.” Historians believe they were meant to ensure his financial stability in the afterlife. Eventually, they became purely decorative, popping up on the intricate garments of Victorian women and men and experiencing a resurgence in the 1920's. A man named Herbert Lieberman worked with Eastman Kodak (yep, of that Kodak) to develop acetate sequins inspired by the acetate film the company had been using. They were eventually coated in Mylar and then dumped entirely for the vinyl plastic renditions that we’re used to today. Pretty crazy that the history of something we use today to decorate our cards and such go back that far, right?  Whenever I feel one of my cards is missing something, I almost always say.....Just Add Sequins!

For this challenge, show me some of your  favorite Sequins and inspire us all on how you use them.  Biglittle, a whole lot, or just a few will do.

The winning entry will be crowned with the title of Princess Dragonfly, and have you and your blog featured in Challenge No. 118 ~ Remember any type of project you're working on is welcome here (cards, scrapbook pages and albums, mixed media, etc.) and you could see your way to being the next Princess Dragonfly ~ That's it!  You can still join and win if you don't have a blog.


Carol Dee said...

Love the cards , especially the sweet elephant! I was quick with this challenge !!!

Andrea W said...

Thanks for the fun sequins challenge and terrific inspiration.

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