Challenge No. 93 - Gettin' Sketchy ~

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Welcome to Challenge No. 93!
Your creative wine treasures were a real treat to see, and thanks so very much to those who joined!

~ Winner - Challenge No. 92 ~
~ #4 Liz 
Please contact me at to receive your gift and winning Blog Badge ~ You have until Wednesday, 6/7 :)

Gettin' Sketchy Challenge No. 93:
Anything you'd like to create using this sketch. Flip it, or rotate it in any direction ~ That's it! (No back-linking please)
~ The winning entry will be crowned with the title of Princess Dragonfly, and have your blog and/or bio featured in Challenge No. 94.  (You can still join and win if you don't have a blog.)  I hope my examples here will inspire you to join in the fun:

In case you're wondering, this is the paper pad that I used for all 3 of these cards, which I got from Tuesday Morning:

Hey all you crafty peeps!  I have loved having this blog (since 2007) and have also loved evolving into having this turn into a challenge blog as well, but all of the work that happens to even get to this point is no fun if I'm playing alone. I know everybody is busy and I get that, but I am too. I've gotten some awesome turnouts to many challenges, but lately it seems there just isn't much interest.

I'm reaching out to ask what it is you're looking for; Better prizes/no prizes just recognition? Different themes / tell me what you would like to see as themes?  What would make you want to join today? I'm willing to hang around and keep doing this, but only if you are too.

Please let me know in the comments below, or if you'd like to just email me at that's fine too.
Thank you for your thoughts!


Joanna Moore said...

Seriously?!! Tuesday Morning huh? I might have to swing by and see if I can't pick it up. I had NO idea that they had stamping stuff!

Granmargaret said...

Thank you for the challenge. Lovely work by the design team.

Lisa said...

Such beautiful cards, Jeannie! Hoping to play along with this one! Been way too long since I've been here...

Kampin' Karen said...

I hear your frustration! I thought about giving up my blog as I have no followers but hoped to get some by entering challenges. I found you through Paper Playful's listing. Perhaps giving the beginning of your challenge blog a change would bring new life? I wouldn't even know how to go about doing what you do. Hang in there!

Cynthia said...

Congrats Liz! Really lovely inspiration this week, Jeannie. I love sketch challenges and hope to join the fun this week.

sunstamper said...

Hi Jeannie. So sorry you are thinking of letting this go. Just a couple of observations. I'm not sure how many entries per challenge you are looking for but in looking back at the challenges since January, there were only 4 of the 11 that had less than 10 entries. Considering everyone has different likes and interests, maybe the themes didn't interest everyone, or like you said, our lives are busier at times. On another note, I visit your blog when it pops into my mind to check it out. I was wondering if there was a way to follow it. I saw there is a way to do it via e-mail and I must have signed up for that at some point. I realized my e-mail address had a typo so I wasn't getting any notifications! Maybe there are other ways for people to subscribe.

I have corrected my e-mail so, hopefully, I will play along more often. I hope entries pick up and you continue on. I love seeing your "prizes"! I wouldn't change a thing!

Your Church Lady Buddy, Kelly

Diane said...

Oh NO, I hope you keep it going as I really enjoy it...I can't always play, just depends on what is going on in my life at any given moment (I have a busy crazy I play challenges as often as I can, I love YOUR challenge as it is a challenge and not one that just fits anything, I love that...I think people make their cards and then find a challenge it fits, I know I am guilty of that myself (very)..but I actually prefer a 'challenge'. I don't think prizes are absolutely necessary as I rarely play a challenge because of that, but I do like the ones that you are recognized as a 'top dog' so to speak you are doing this week....I am in a few DT challenge blogs and we have good weeks and some that are less entrants. I think once in awhile make it an anything goes challenge and that brings a ton of people participating. I am not too fond of those myself as I like a challenge to be just that a 'challenge'...okay that' my very windy input...hopefully I can join in this week before it ends...have a great night!

Darlene said...

Hang in there Jeannie ... I totally understand your frustrations but please know you are doing a great job and we'd hate to see you have to close. To save yourself a little time maybe you could post your winner's badge(s) in your sidebar where your winner's could grab them vs you having to take the time to email them each time. The suggestion of an Anything Goes from time to time is a good idea and does bring a lot of added people on board. Or if all else fails ... switch to a monthly challenge to give yourself more open personal time where you can 'breath'. Today's sketch is fabulous and happy to help support your efforts!!

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