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Happy Sunday!! Golf anyone? I was asked to make some cards for a raffle basket for a golf event at work, and so when I saw these images from Sassy Cheryl's, I knew they'd be perfect. Of course when you use Cheryl's images, you really don't need much more as they stand out on their own. They are so fun, and have so much detail, and it was even more fun to color them in too.

I have a house full of sneezing and blowing allergy filled heads here, and as much as I hated to turn the a/c on already we had no option. It's really been a bad year here for the junk that's flying around in the air, and I've never had allergies before, but they say the longer you live here, they sometimes get to you. This will be my 3rd summer and it's even gotten to me a little bit, especially my eyes. Besides every kind of skin cream out there, if anybody knows what to use for Neal's psoriasis/exzema skin, I'd appreciate it. What's weird is that it's the worst right now during allergy season. Right now he's trying some fish oil pills to see if he can fix it naturally from the inside.

I hope your weekend is good, I appreciate you stopping in to visit, and take care!

Peace & Luv,


Carol Dee said...

Darling cards to put in the basket.
ALLERGIES stink! I have had itchy eyes and scratchy throat, too. Tree and grass pollen they say.
I got nasty dry skin last winter. ITCH. I found that Eucerin work for that. Not sure it will help Neal. He may need a perscription strength ointment.
Enjoy what is left of the weekend, hugs...

mulberry station said...

These are the cutest boy cards ever!!! Love the colors and the fun layouts!

Alicia said...

Gorgeous cards Jeannie...I hate allergies, they are not fun. Maybe visiting a Naturopath might help Neal, they can fix almost anything, but it does take time and can be expensive. Hope you all stop sneezing soon!
Alicia xx

JR Creations said...

Ha ha! She looks like me trying to play golf, great therapy though, particularly at the driving range, at least there ya don't have to chase after the annoying little white thing.

Jenny T.

Ann English said...

Love them! Isn't Sassy Cheryl terrific?!

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