It's a Wacky Wednesday card for you today! I've had this stamp for awhile, from A Muse, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I picked up a quotes for cards book from the library yesterday, and saw this funny saying and I thought it would be perfect for it. The inside sez - and expensive!! So the cardstock I used is Bazzil black, Riding Hood Red, Pretty in Pink, white and ivory. I colored it in with markers, used a border punch and added some ribbon. Like I said, just a funny little something for today.

So yesterday I did that quilt block card and was inspired to do more. This one is done with Garden Green and Perfect Plum cardstock, SU's Pattern Pack II papers, and also a SU stamp from the A Little Somethin set.

I was inspired to use purple for the quilt card because of these gorgeous roses. The townhouse next door to us has been empty forever and they have gorgeous rose bushes. This is one of them. Since nobody is there to enjoy them, I thought I would, hehe. They smell heavenly and the color is amazing.

I had a little frustrated breakdown last nite about the whole job situation that Neal had to give me a pep talk about, I'm not sure where I'd be without him. I know that it's not just me certainly, and we are very lucky to not be in it as bad as others, but still. I'm climbing the walls here. I received an email from my BFF from jr. high who lives in Atlanta, and she's trying all kinds of rearranging of her resume and cutting out dates, etc., and still no calls. She's so funny. Just not sure what else to do about it. Hey I know...stop and smell the roses, ya?!!!

I hope your day goes well, thanks for visiting with me, and take care of yourself!!

Peace and Luv,


Carol Dee said...

Let's start at the beginnig.

The lingerie card is a HOOT ! And so true. I love it.

Another sweet quilt card. SOMEDAY I am actually going to quilt up some of the fabric and patterns I have been hording for YEARS, hee hee.

The roses are BEAUTIFUL. I would have brought them in also. My sister plants tons of flowers but never brings them inside. NUTS. I love having flowers in the house. Even if that means I occasionally buy myself flowers. :)

Finally...the job hunt. Sorry it is not going better for you. I know it must be hard to be patient. Thank God for Neal. I am glad he is supportive. (Things just HAVE to get better for everyone and SOON.)

Have fun sun shiny day, HUGS

Juls~ said...


I hope your job search starts improving! I really think it will once the sun starts shining again. So, hang in there. Enjoy your well-deserved time off!

The Vicki's card is purrr-fect! I got a chuckle reading the quote! I wish my waist was as small as the lingerie hanging in that window! ;)

{xoxo} Juls~

~amy~ said...

LOVE your A Muse card and sentiment...that cracks me up!!! Another great quilt card too...hang in there with the job search!!!

~amy~ said...

LOVE your A Muse card and sentiment...that cracks me up!!! Another great quilt card too...hang in there with the job search!!!

Elena said...

I am really sorry about job situation... I know how hard it is... But the good thing yo uhave Neal who is always there for you!
You fist card is so much fun!
And quilt... is STUNNING!!!

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