I never pass up the opportunity for a good nap and this guy certainly isn't either! This is another fun stamp from Shirley's 2 Girls. I basically stamped it 3 times; twice on white cardstock, and then on the patterned paper, which is also from Shirley's from the Soar package. So I cut out the chair and put it on top of the whole image piece, and then I cut out the dog from the 3rd white piece and colored him in with More Mustard and pop-dotted him and put him on top of the chair piece. I colored the buttons and cushion on the chair with the Handsome Hunter marker. The cardstock is Handsome Hunter, cream, white and the chocolate brown is the reverse side of the chair paper. That was actually the easy part. I couldn't decide what kind of ribbons to put on the bottom portion, since this is for a man, and I know that I have some brown with white polka dots somewhere, but I couldn't find it. In the end I think this looks ok and my favorite part is the rhinestone bone!!

Are any of you watching Idol? I agree with who went home last nite and I'm especially excited about who they have left performing. This year so far my hometown of Milwaukee is represented (Danny), as well as Scottsdale (Scott?).

I luv cooking shows and Top Chef is my favorite reality-based show, but there are a couple others that I do watch also. Hell's Kitchen and Chopped and now there's another new one called the Chopping Block that started this week. The pressure is way more than I could ever handle, and I luv to see what they come up with.

I know I mentioned my little party favors yesterday that I'm making for Saturday, but you'll just have to come back tomorrow when they're all done to check them out!

I hope your day was great, it's supper time already and we've got Vanna tonite so her and Neal will be making their special spinach manicotti for dinner. Thanks for visiting, and leave me a comment to let me know what you're thinking, I appreciate it very much.

Peace and Luv,


Carol Dee said...

Your dinner sounds better than mine. Tacos.

Love a good nap, great stamp, fun card.

I posted the sympathy card over on SCS (just wanted to be sure you had it before I posted it!)


shawn said...

What am I thinking?? Well.. the card is as usual cute.. the weather here in MN sucks.. it's cold.. it was -4 this morning.. I am confussed about Idol.. What is going on there?? The judges can keep a person who was voted off?? I haven't been watching DWTS even though my cousin is on it.. I still haven't heard about my interview.. that's about all..
Hope your day was good, and you have fun tonight!!

JULS~ said...

Alo Jeannie!

They have the cutest stamps! Great card. That's cool how you stamped 3 times for depth. I've been doing domestic stuff all week and still haven't gotten into craft mode. I think after golf tourny is over this weekend, I'll have more time.

I have to figure out how to do digital scrapbooking for the golf team presentation this year and I know it will be here in no time! Early May - just around the corner.

I hope next week is more relaxing that's for sure! I haven't been watching too much tv this week. Started reading the 2nd book of Twilight again.

{xoxo} Juls~

Elena said...

So cute! I love the bone too!

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