I luv you Shirley's 2 Girls!! This is one of the stamps that I won from their first challenge. Since strawberry cake is my favorite (and unfortunately has been on my mind) that's what I had to color today. I used some paper that I also got from "the girls", the berry solid color as well as the green and white circle patterned paper, are from the Soar package. Also used are the cardstocks Close to Cocoa, Cameo Coral, white and cream. The ink I used is Chocolate Chip. Also used are: Fiskars small scallop scissor, small and regular sized hole punch, star punch and some rhinestones. The ribbon is Offray. They also have some great NEW stamps featuring all kinds of feathered and furry friends, so please take a look at their blog and new products and order some of these awesome stamps! If I had a job right now, I'd order every one!!!

I watched the Bachelor's Final Rose Part II last nite, which was really just a recap of everything that they already showed and to say how happy and in luv they are. I missed Ellen today, but the next 2 days will have Melissa and then Molly and Jason on Friday. Thanks for that info Karen! They also announced who the new Bachelorette is going to be, Jillian who was the 3rd runner up and the one in the "hot tub scene", and it will start May 18th I think they said. I know it's sappy, and silly, but it's fun to laugh at and, like I always say, cheap entertainment. Ya just can't take it seriously, like any of the reality shows.

What else did I do today? I went to see Lori at hospice. Such a nice house and people running it. I brought her a red rose and I'm not sure she knew I was there, since she was in and out of sleeping, but I talked to her for a little while.

Then, I had a dr's appointment to get a prescription that I need filled, and since I don't have insurance anymore, my doc is willing to work with me and just charge $40 for an office visit. Helps him too, I guess, since there are a lot of people in my situation I'm sure.

Also, they are finally working on the water line outside of our townhouse. I haven't gotten into that whole story, but let me just say that 3 months of dealing with the HOA and water company, I'm glad to see that at least something is in the works. Good thing I was home, because they needed to use an electrical outlet.

If you watch Idol, I think the winner was on last nite. Her name is Lil Rounds - interesting, huh? If she keeps singing like she did last nite, a Mary J. Blige song, she's got it in the bag!

I hope your day was good. Talk to me and let me know what's on your mind and let me know how much you spent over at Shirley's 2 Girls - you CANNOT resist the cuteness if you're an animal luver, can you?!!!

Peace and Luv,


shawn said...

like the card..
So you know.. Karen use to be a demo for stampin up.. way way way before me.. so she just comes over to my place and messes up my house..
Sounds like you have as much fun stuff going on as I do these days....

JULS~ said...

Hey Jeannie! What a darling stamp line! You should sell them. AWESOME CARD girl! Too funny... I still need to mail out the stuff. I will tomorrow. I started photographing and my battery ran out, then couldn't find my charger.

That Bachelor guy is a puss! Eww! Do you think Mollie will be happy with him long term??

Elena said...

What a fun card! Love, love the colors!

Carol Dee said...

I like this background.

Fun stamp line. But so far I am resisting. I do have a few tagged as "Wanna haves"

Today it is supposed to be in the 60's woo-hoo. Suny too. Enjoying it while it lasts 'cause we are going to be wet all weekend. That is IA in March.

Have a great day.

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