The gang's all here! Sorry for the late post today. We had the kids, and took them to lunch and then bowling. I had these done this morning, but I didn't have time to post until now. These are the party favors for my Stampin' Up party tomorrow. There are 10 gals signed up, so I made 12 in case somebody brings a friend. I hope that's enough. They are the sour cream containers that you've probably seen before, and the gals that I will be seeing tomorrow luv Lola so I thought I'd make some tags that could be re-used by them. Inside are some brads, rhinestones, hearts, and some things that they can use in their cardmaking. Below is a closer look at one of them, but they are all different:
I think I have everything ready that I need to do except pick up the food on the way to the party. I'm excited to see everybody, it's always fun creating together, and I'm REALLY looking forward to some adult conversation. It's 4 weeks today since I got laid off and stir crazy doesn't even describe it at this point. To date I've sent out 58 resumes. Not sure what else to do but hope something happens real soon.

I hope you have a great weekend. I will post what we create tomorrow at the party for you to see maybe even tomorrow nite or Sunday, not sure. I'll probably be kinda tired tomorrow nite tho. Thanks for visiting, whenever it is that you're here, and I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts very much.

Peace and Luv,


Carol Dee said...

Good morning.
I love the party favors with card candy in them, better treat than real sugar! What a great idea. :)

I sure wish you had better news on the job search. :(

I am looking forward to next week, spring break. AND it is starting to look and feel like spring here.

My big goal for the week is to clean and organize in the craft room.YIKES

Yesterday I stopped at Michael's for cutter blades and came out with 7 rolls of ribbon...5 with dragonflies!!!! COOL


shawn said...

Those are wonderful! I hope that they liked them! That would be very nice to get at a get together!
How was the bowling?? I haven't been bowling in a long time.
I hope that one of those 58 resumes gets you a call or 58!!!

Elena said...

How lucky the ladies will be! Have fun at your party!

Erin Bigler said...

So cute, Jeannie...Wish I was comin' to your party!

Jenny Gropp said...

what a sweet take-a-away gift!!! great job!

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