Babies, babies, babies! My niece in Texas asked me to make her a couple of baby boy cards, so while I was doing it I decided to make a few more. Not sure that you can see what they say, I think if you click on the pic it makes it larger. The purple says - oh happy day a baby is on the way. Blue - boy oh boy! Pink - sugar & spice and all things nice. I used cardstock from the Bold Brights and Soft Subltes line as well as matching markers on top of white and cream. Then just matching ribbons and rhinestones. Of course the gals are downloads from Pink Petticoat. Fun!

I've done my running around for the day, managed to get pissed off at a kid at a paper store, and now I'm back home. I just finished eating my lovely lunch salad and talking with Neal on his lunch break and so here I am back at it. Why that kid twisted my mood I'm not sure, but he did. Regardless of why I went to the store, the storyline is this - I walk into the store and was asked immediately (which is great) if I needed any help. I said yes asking if they had any of these (me holding up product)? He said no, that I could probably find them on the internet. I said that I knew (I named the store) had them, but they were a much longer driver to get to. His reply is - well I guess you should go there then. I didn't even look at anything else in the store, I just turned around and walked out. Don't people believe in manners anymore?

So.....some good news is that I did get pre-screened yesterday on the phone regarding one of the resumes I sent out. That was interesting and so I at least know that these things are reaching someone. I do hope to hear something back soon.

Well Happy Tuesday to you - I hope your day is good. Thanks for visiting, leave me a little note to let me know you were here, and take care!

Peace and Luv,


shawn said...

OK, so before I read the blog. I said.. those ladies look preggers on those cards.. glad to know they were.!!
I totally understand about the kid at the store.. HELLO!!!!!!
glad to know that someone is calling you for a job too!!
have a great day

Carol Dee said...

I know the feeling...service is not what it used to be. Sometimes I think maybe I am just too old and don't like change. But the attitude you get sometimes makes 'ya want to reach out and slap someone. Who knows. They could have even had them, but he was too lazy to go look. (I have had that happen.)
If it would have made you feel better he could have been reported to his manager!

Cute cards, I usually end up using "Baby Firsts" from S.U. and pastel shades. I like the bright colors and ribbon treatment.

I 'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you hear from them again regarding a job. Or ANYONE soon.

Elena said...

These cards are so cute! Your niece will love them!
Hope they will response you about the job!

JULS~ said...

Jeannie! Don't get me started, girl! I'm telling you -- sometimes I stand and wait until they say *THANK YOU*! uh-huh ... What has happened to manners??? Grrr.... Call the store manager and report the employee. I think companies need to be told. What ever happened to customers come first!?

Anyway, so glad to hear that you've gotten some feedback. I am sure that you did great and that you'll hear from them. Crossing my fingers for you!

The Thanks a Bunch card you did was so cheerful. I like the bold primary colors but you made it look so fresh! And I'm glad those ladies are prego - I was wondering about that too! They are darling! {as usual - your creations always are!} You have the cutest ribbons!

Hey, the new Blog layout is terrific. The colors are great and it looks just like you! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Mermaid got her wine glasses in Spain! They made it!

{xoxo} Juls~

Jenny Gropp said...

Let your wallet do the talking -- glad you walked out! Service is so terrible now days -- it is more often that the good service stands out than the bad, which seems to be the norm.
love the little prego ladies - great cards!

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