Today I have a quad of birthday cards for you! I needed to get some cards back into my own stock, so these cupcakes are from Pink Petticoat. All of the DP's are Pocket Full of Posies, and then I just went thru my scraps and matched up what I could after I colored them in with markers. Ribbons, rhinestones, some punches, the mat stack for for faux stiching and pop-dots and that's about it. Let me know which one is your favorite.

Last nite we decided to use some of our Phoenix Coyotes hockey tickets that we've had laying around, but then when we got there at the door one of the ticket people had a couple of free tickets. We took them and decided to keep our others for another time, since there is no specified date on them. The package that we have are tickets that can be used whenever there are open seats throughout the season. We had a great time, I'd not been to this area of Glendale, and Phoenix won on top of it!
It's Friday already. Not a real prosperous week for me for sure, but what can you do? Tomorrow I have a Stampin' Up card party to go to in the afternoon, so I'll be sure to post what we make next week. Sunday there's another free outdoor art fair in Fountain Hills that I'll see if I can talk Neal into. That's usually not too hard, unless he has grading or something to do. I'll take some pics if we do go and hopefully I won't get yelled at by any artists again!

I do hope you have a great weekend whatever it is your plans are. Thanks for visiting, don't forget to leave a comment - they are very much appreciated!

Peace and Luv,


Carol Dee said...

Hmmmm, that is hard! Maybe I like the 3rd one (pink) best. Of course they are all good.

Guess what I just noticed? That you always have the same dragonfly necklace on in your photos! I wear one a bit smaller than yours that my sons got me about 3 years ago. It has 3 small diamonds in it. I love it and wear it ALL the time.

Happy Weekend

Cindy Haffner said...

I love them all, super job.

shawn said...

They are all great as usual.. Gee maybe you could post something that wasn't so great sometime.. make those of us who just aren't as talented as you feel a little better...(LOL)
I have NEVER been to a hockey game.. I know.. being from MN you would think that MAYBE I would have seen one at some point.. but.. since I don't understand it.. well.. you know...

Elena said...

I love how used these DP! I have them too! The layouts are so cute!

Karen ~ said...

YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING THAT EVERY LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had coffee with Shawn and she gave me my card - honestly, what an incredible day brightener! I was just so surprised and happy and I am planning on framing the card and keeping it where I can look at it every time I need a smile.



lola rose said...

These are gorgeous Jeannie! And I LOVE your little gift pouch too. It's great fun.
Thank you so much for joining in with us : )

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