Hi there! Since I didn't get this posted Friday (because I got laid off from my job) here is the card that I made for Neal for Valentine's Day. First of all he luvs olives and second it's not too girly. I just used some Always Artichoke paper, with some black and white. The olive is an oval punch and then I used a small circle punch for the pimento. Then I used the ticket corner punch and some black rhinestones and also some red ribbon. That's it - pretty cute and so was he when he opened it!

Well like I said I got laid off Friday afternoon. Me as well as 5 others. Can't say we didn't see it coming, but I guess I wish they had given us some time to find something else beforehand, like I was promised. At any rate, I'm sending out resumes like mad and hopefully I'll get some calls next week. I know this is hitting everybody right now, but I have never been let go from a job before in my life, so it hit me pretty hard.

I'll write more tomorrow because of course I'll have the time to, plus Neal and the kids have no school tomorrow so they are off as well.

Peace and Luv,


Carol Dee said...

I love the Valentine you made Neal.
And how you even managed to get some rhinestones on it! Perfect.

So sorry to hear about your job :(
Good luck with your job search.


shawn said...

The card it REALLY cute!! I LOVE it!! I may have to case it!!
I know that you will get something soon.. They can't not want someone as great as you!!!

JULS~ said...

Jeannie ... Gosh, that sucks. I know that you will overcome this hurdle & hopefully find something that is bigger & better. It must be difficult not to take it personally but the economy is affecting so many great people. My neighbors daughter was laid off from Brinker, which owns Chili's restaurant. She had been working for them for over 10 years! She called up an old employer & he said he'd hire her on in March. Like you, she was diligent & excellent in her job. I can tell from your blog that you are very conscientious & the type of person who is reliable.

Good luck in your search, sister! Do good!!

Karen ~ said...

Sorry about your job - I wish you well. And "olive" the card, too!

Elena said...

So sorry to hear about your job...
I love your card! So creative!

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