Monday, Monday.... just glad it's over at this point! It's almost 6pm here in AZ and I've got a Lilli birthday card for you from Pink Petticoat. The cardstock is Pacific Point and Kiwi Kiss and I used my markers to sorta match. The DP is from (Jami). Thx Jami!! She's got a rhinestone necklace on and I pop-dotted the present she's holding outside of the oval well just becuz I just thought it would be something fun and different. Then I just added some ribbon. The sentiment is computer generated.

Here's a little bit of a closer view. Not sure who will be the recipient of this fine card, but I do need to stock up not only for myself but the the gals who like to purchase from me.

It was pretty chilly and windy today and I'm not sure it made it out of the 50's, probably just to low 60's but I'm not sure. I know, I know, stop my whining but I can't warm up! I refuse to turn the heat on!

Can't wait for The Bachelor tonite, altho Neal's not here to laugh with me. He started another nite class tonite. So that means Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's he doesn't get home til late. I know - more whining. The positive thing is that it will give me time to get some cards done tho so I have no excuse!

I'm afraid that's a rap for tonite, no other interesting stories for ya that I can think of right now.

Take care and leave me a comment - luv to hear from you and what you're up to!

Peace and Luv,


Karen ~ said...

I can't do Bachelor this time around. The kid factor made it too much for me to handle! Hope you are enjoying it, though!

mandy said...

hi, love the card its so sweet, love the colours, dont think i have ever done that combo, must have a go!

shawn said...

I don't do the Bachelor at all.. It just makes me go eww!!! I mean all these women (or men) dating the same person.. and they are all kissing.. and it's all on TV.. I just can't do it..
And I feel sorry for you.. I mean high 50's low 60's!! THAT'S JUST AWFUL!!! How can you call yourself a Wisconsinite if you are whinning aobut 50's-60's in January??? I heard that today we might get up to 11!!!

Carol Dee said...

Sweet card.

Right now I'd kill for 50 degrees! And you are from WI...hmmm, you have been in the south long enough that 50 feels cold. hehe

I got my Hang In Here cards done, now onto baby cards.

Jenny Gropp said...

Cute card-- love your color choices-- so vibrant.

JULS~ said...


O-M-G! I LUV this card you did! What a cool color combo! You've got me wanting to get up to my office to create! The last two posts you did are awesome.

I hate to admit it, but I watch The Bachelor too. And I am so glad he got rid of the girl who vomits & the stab you in the back chick that he refused to give the rose to!! LOL! I wonder what he's going to do when Ms. Bachelorette shows up at the end??!?! And ... don't you hate it when he makes out with almost every girl he sits down with? Although there are a few who push themselves on him... remember the girl who said, "I know you want to kiss me ..." and he was almost repulsed when she forced a kiss!? ohhhhhhh ... I felt so bad/embarrassed for her!!! If they only knew what we see!

Hope you had a good day.


Elena said...

Very-very cute card!
Wish it will as chilly here as it is in your place :)

Cindy Haffner said...

Very pretty, i love your colors.

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