TGIF and Hugs from this cute little bear baby to you!! He is, of course, from Pink Petticoat and what else can I tell ya ... the DP is from, the little tag is a Sizzlit die cut, the main card is some paper I have a whole ream of called Wildflower or is it Sunflower, not sure. I just realized the brown paper looks black, but it's actually a really yummy dark chocolately brown (can you tell I'm pms-ing?) textured paper and I'm not sure where I got it. I guess I should have played with the Photoshop settings more to show that color better, but oh well. I used my handy dandy Fiskars cheap-o small scallop scissor, some crochet thread and 2 rhinestones on the tag, and then also markers and pop-dots. I think that's it. Hope he made you smile today anyway.

Thanks Shawn for finishing the inside of yesterday's card for me. It's actually perfect because I'm going to the grand opening of a new store today called Crop Girls and I'm going to give them that card. I think I've talked about it before, but I'm trying to find someplace that I could give some card classes at, so I hope it can lead to something more for me. Don't worry Shawn - as promised I'm going to make you one and it'll be in the mail next week. Let me know if you want different colors or the same and I'll do whatever you want.

Did anybody watch Top Chef this week? I watched it last nite and it was a Superbowl themed show. It was a good and I'm glad that Jeff went home, he's too much of a whiner! I started out not really liking Carla too much, but her gumbo that she made looked good and I'm glad she won and got the Superbowl tickets. She seems like a genuinely good person.

Well it's a busy weekend for most of us who luv football and even those who don't I suppose still watch the big game. We also have the kids, so it will be plenty crazy in my little corner of the world! I hope you have fun whatever it is you do, so take care, be safe and thanks for visiting!

Peace and Luv,

A little bird told me..... What? I can't decide what to put on the inside, so let me know what you think it should be and if I use it I'll make you one! This Lola is from Pink Petticoat, the cardstock is Brocade Blue, Night of Navy, Cameo Coral, Regal Rose and cream. I used markers, a Fiskars small scallop scissor, and some ribbon from Target. I also did a little bit of faux stitching. Then I just printed the image 3 times and cut out the little birds and pop-dotted them.

It's Thursday morning and I didn't get this posted last nite because I started watching a movie called The Other Boelyn Girl. Have you seen it? Neal recorded it for me because he thought I'd like it. I wasn't sure about it, but boy once I got into it I was hooked! It's supposed to be based on the real Ann Boelyn and Henry the VIII. The actor, Eric Bana, who played Henry certainly had my attention I can tell ya. There is a lot of "hooking up", shall we say, in this movie and Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are really great in it. I highly recommend it.

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting!

Peace and Luv,

Hap-bee. Here is the outside of today's card. Very bright and happy colors. The cardstock is Tangerine Tango and Perfect Plum. The DP is from Me and My Big Ideas. The bee is from Pink Petticoat. I used a small flower punch, a regular hole punch and a bunch of tangerine colored glitter stickers from Stampabilities. A bit of ribbon and some pop-dots.

Bird-day, (hee-hee!) Here's the inside of this silly little fun card. This bird stamp is from Inkadinkado, the bird assortment clear set. I colored him too, and added another flower to tie it all together. I always add something to the inside of my cards, besides a personal sentiment, but not usually another stamp like this. Have to say I like this one probably because it's goofy.

This is just a close up of the bling this card has. I think every card needs some!

Today was a long Tuesday. Slow day at work and then just came home, made a little something to eat and worked away here at my desk a little more. Sorry I don't have any fun stories for you, but with just going to work and coming home it doesn't lead to much to talk about.

Actually, I did have kind of a funny call at work that you might enjoy. The company I work for is a contract manufacturer of circuit boards. So if you have a circuit board that makes something of yours work and need someone to assemble it, that's what they do. Sometimes the customer brings all of their own parts in and sometimes we order them. Anyway, I got a call from someone who wanted to know if we could assemble quarters into books. Hmmm....I asked if this was for a mail order project or something and he said sort of. This kinda cracked me up because I couldn't imagine actually hiring somebody to do this, but whatev. Being as slow as we are right now I thought I'd at least run it by the managers and they looked at me like I was out of my mind, which isn't unusual really. When I mentioned it to some of the guys I work with they wondered if I had gotten a phone number because it could have been something fun for us to do on the side, which wouldn't have been a bad idea either, but I didn't ask for it. So it got me thinking - where do you get all of those quarters from and how much are you willing to pay somebody to get a sore thumb working on it, ya know? You just never know what kind of things people are into.

Well have a great nite, it's about 8:20 here this Tuesday evening and have a great day tomorrow too!

Oh - if you do watch The Bachelor - was your mouth open the whole time like mine was? Oh my!!! I swear these women are psycho!

Peace and Luv,

Monday, Monday.... just glad it's over at this point! It's almost 6pm here in AZ and I've got a Lilli birthday card for you from Pink Petticoat. The cardstock is Pacific Point and Kiwi Kiss and I used my markers to sorta match. The DP is from (Jami). Thx Jami!! She's got a rhinestone necklace on and I pop-dotted the present she's holding outside of the oval well just becuz I just thought it would be something fun and different. Then I just added some ribbon. The sentiment is computer generated.

Here's a little bit of a closer view. Not sure who will be the recipient of this fine card, but I do need to stock up not only for myself but the the gals who like to purchase from me.

It was pretty chilly and windy today and I'm not sure it made it out of the 50's, probably just to low 60's but I'm not sure. I know, I know, stop my whining but I can't warm up! I refuse to turn the heat on!

Can't wait for The Bachelor tonite, altho Neal's not here to laugh with me. He started another nite class tonite. So that means Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's he doesn't get home til late. I know - more whining. The positive thing is that it will give me time to get some cards done tho so I have no excuse!

I'm afraid that's a rap for tonite, no other interesting stories for ya that I can think of right now.

Take care and leave me a comment - luv to hear from you and what you're up to!

Peace and Luv,

Hey there - it's Sunday nite here and I've been working on some new cards most of the day. I also learned some picture taking tricks from Christine over at Christine's Creations. Thank you so much Christine for all of your help!

This little wormie is a download from Pink Petticoat that I colored with markers. The cardstock is Chocolate Chip, Kiwi Kiss, white, and a scrap of purple. The DP is from Me and My Big Ideas. The ribbon is Creative Imaginations. Some rhinestones and pop-dots. Below is a closer look.

Well I had planned on a weekend of nothingness but Saturday there was not so much of that. We did some running around in the morning and afternoon and got some things done. I've been home ever since tho, and I luv it. I made a good dinner and I think everything is ready for another work week. I've got a card swap coming up, so I still need to finish them this week and I do still have some other things I want to try too.

I hope you have a good nite, or if it's Monday already, a great day. Take care and do leave me a comment, I luv to hear from you!

Peace and Luv,

Dance, sing, play........Go Bananas - it's your day! Some fun little moneys, from Pink Petticoat, that make up the perfect little card for just about anybody, but I think especially for a younger kid. The cardstock is Close to Cocoa, with some Bazzill, off white, and the DP is from Memory Boutique. There's lots of rhinestones too, which don't show up too great here. I also used some markers, corner round punch, some brown grosgrain ribbon and pop-dots.

It's late Thursday nite already. I'm tired and ready to get some zzzz's. I hope your day went well, mine was just ok. Could have been better, but could have been worse too I suppose. I'm just so glad tomorrow is Friday I cannot even begin to tell you! I am so looking forward to a weekend of nothingness.

Thanks for checking in on me. I do look forward to the comments, so I appreciate any that you may have or if you want me to do something special for ya, just let me know.

Peace and Luv,

It's still Wednesday, even tho it's almost 10 at nite. It's payday for me, and so a few of us stopped for happy hour. I was good and got home at 7ish and this is what I came up with. The lamb is from Pink Petticoat, the cardstock is Pumpkin Pie and Brocade Blue. The DP is from Pocket full of Posies. Then some ribbon, brads and pop-dots is about it. Oh - can't forget the little blingy rhinestone dragonfly! Cute no?

The weather here has been great, but I guess some showers are moving in for the next couple of days. Then the weekend is supposed to be good again. I don't think I have anything planned for this weekend, but to work on some cards. I really just want to stay home and in my pj's.

I could have swore all day long that tomorrow was Friday, so I had planned on wearing jeans to work. Now I need to try and come up with something half way decent to wear and I haven't done laundry all week. Oy - could be interesting!

Well sleep well if you're still reading this tonight - or if it's Thursday already happy Friday-Eve!!

Peace and Luv,

First of all - how about the new blingy banner ya?!!!! I luv it and if you need any kind of blinging up of your blog, I highly recomment Jami who is one of the nicest and easiest to work with gals that you can imagine. Visit her website Sgt Stamper's Studio for all the info you need and you can email her with any kind of questions, and she'll respond quickly. She's currently in Korea, so there is a time difference tho. Anyway, let me know what you think!

Sending sunshine to all of you stuck in the cold and snow! A Lola for you here, from Pink Petticoat, all dressed up with flowers for you too! The cardstock is Taken with Teal and So Saffron. The tag is from K&Company. There's some rhinestones, a little bitty bit of ribbon and some thread and pop-dots and I used markers to color her in (my favorite part). Hope you like her!

It's Tuesday, January 20th, and we have a new president!! Thank goodness!! It certainly is a special day for many and I can just imagine how awestruck those 2 beautiful little girls are.

I hope things are well in your corner of the world wherever you are and I do appreciate all of your comments, so drop me a line anytime, I luv to hear from you!

Peace and Luv,

I never want to experience the last couple of hours I've had in my life again altho I'm sure I will relive it many times over in my mind.

I was driving home from work and I was about a block away from my home when I saw a little critter dart out onto the road. I wasn't sure if it had made it across and so I parked the car quickly at home and ran inside and got Neal and asked if he'd come and help me, trying to explain as much as possible what just happened. For what ever reason I grabbed a towel and brought it with me. What I saw was a sweet little dog who's life was over still at the side of the road. I just couldn't leave him there and so Neal wrapped him in the towel and picked him up and brought him to the sidewalk. We took his tag off, his name was Joker, and called the phone number, but just got an answering machine.

We waited awhile, but Neal needed to gather up the kids and get them home and he needed to get to his appointment for his back. I waited with my cell phone in one hand and the dog tag in the other for a call. About a half an hour later I got that call back from Joker's mom. She started out by laughing and asking where he was now, he always seemed to get out. He was not close to home, and so I said I was so sorry but I didn't have good news for her. The line was silent for a little while and then I asked her if she was ok and what did she want me to do. She asked where I was and so I waited for her.

When she arrived she started walking very slowly towards me and she was already crying. I had already been, and so I'm sure I didn't help. I gave her a big hug and asked her what she wanted me to do, and that I wasn't sure if she wanted to see him like this. She said she needed to and then we cried together some more standing over him.

She told me a little about him and she said she needed to take him home, and she tried picking him up, but she just couldn't do it. I put him in her car for her and she said that he loved to run down by the river and splash in the water, and so that was where his final resting spot would be. She thanked me and we hugged and cried together a little more.

I'm home now, I told my Dixie-girl's daddy in Omaha to please give her some extra hugs and kisses from me tonite and tell her that I missed her.

Good nite sweet Joker.

Peace and Luv,
Hey it's Sunday nite here and here's a little chicks rule card for you. The cardstock and markers used is Night of Navy, Ballet Blue and Regal Rose. The patterned paper is from Memory Boutique. There's a Prisma flower, some rhinestones, a bigger silver rhinestone in the center of the flower and then I punched out a couple of hearts. I used a Fiskar small scallop scissor and then a bit of sheer ribbon. Also some pop-dots as usual.

It's been a busy weekend and I'm feeling run down. It's almost 9 and I think I'll go to bed soon. I did meet up with some of the gals Friday nite at Starbucks to get the new Stampin' Up catalog which was fun. There are some fun new things in there too, of course.

Neal's back is killing him again, but we tried to do some things with the kids so Saturday nite there was a Glitter & Glow Block party in old town Glendale. There were a bunch of hot air ballons lining the streets and music, food and rides for the kids. I tried to take some pics, but they didn't really turn out very good since it was dark already. We walked around for a couple of hours and then came home and had ice cream.

Today, of course, was the playoff game with the AZ Cardinals and we won! So we're going to the Superbowl. I am a cheesehead at heart and always will be, but this team has never gone to any playoffs or anything so it's easy to cheer them on now that they're finally doing well. This town is going to go crazy, that's for sure. I live in Phoenix, but Glendale is like a few blocks away from us.

Not sure what the week really holds, can't really think of anything off the top of my head. I will have a new blog banner probably this week. I've got a very talented gal working on blinging mine up a little bit, so that's exciting.

I hope whenever you're reading this, your day or nite is going well and do take care!

Peace and Luv,

Is she cute or what? On her cup it says je t'aime, which I believe means I love you? Correct me if I'm wrong. If you'd like to download her and 3 others, go to Inside a Black Apple. Under categories, click on free projects/downloads. The cardstock I used is Cameo Coral, then there's a bit darker Bazzill paper, some white and the patterned paper is from Kelly Panacci. Then some sheer ribbon, ric-rac and some rhinestones. I also have a small heart punch I used and put a tiny heart on there too. Do check out the Black Apple blog tho - there's some fun and interesting things on there.

I'm watching Grey's Anatomy now. Tyne Daly is McDreamy's mom? I wouldn't have pictured that in a million years and I don't remember why Grey and Kristine are mad at each other anymore. I also don't like the new surgeon. What happened to this show? The world used to stop on Thursday nites for me, now I don't even remember so much what happened the week before.

Well tomorrow is Friday, yeah!!! We've got the kids this weekend, so I don't think I'll get much done. Plus they've all got Monday off, so we get to keep them an extra nite. I'll do what I can tho, when I can. I am waiting to get a copy of the new Stampin' Up catalog too this weekend.

Take care!

Peace and Luv,

My beautiful birthday roses from my sweet Neal were my inspiration tonight. The color is so off the charts that I had a hard time finding paper to match it, so I was all over the board with what I used. The cardstock is Pink Pirouette, Tangerine Tango, white and black. The stamp I used for the winged heart is from Inque Boutique, the roses from the Water Color mini's set. The love silver sticky is from Colorbok. I also used Color Box Charcoal Chalk, the Cameo Coral marker, Copic E00 sketch marker, Groovy Guava ink, black sheer ribbon, rhinestones and many pop-dots. Not sure where the pink and orange dotted paper came from.

I hope you like it. I'm not crazy with myself this week so I'm not especially thrilled with it, but let me know what you think about it.

It's a little after 9 tonight. We had a quick dinner and we watched Top Chef while we were eating, nothing too wild and crazy on there, but I do like that show very much and I'm kinda glad the gal (Ariane or something like that) is gone, her eyes kinda creeped me out. Now we're watching True Beauty that we recorded the other nite - more hilariousness and cheap entertainment. I did catch some of American Idol last nite, oy!!

I feel so bad for those of you living in the midwest right now. I just keep hearing about the fridgid cold and snow and shutdowns. I remember all of that very well so just be careful and take care of yourselves!

Peace and Luv,

It's Tuesday night, almost 10:00 here. Without even realizing it last week I did lions, yesterday tigers, so of course I had to do bears today, ya? Nothing too great or fancy I'm afraid. My mojo isn't really working for me right now I think. These bears are from Pink Petticoat. Markers and Cardstock is Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip, Not Quite Navy and white. The patterned paper is from Memory Boutique. A bit of brown grosgrain ribbon, a button, some twine and pop-dots.

I used Riding Hood Red, Brocade Blue and white cardstock and markers. Also the Close to Cocoa marker, a bit of polka dot paper, the heart is a Sizzlits die cut, some blue rhinestones, a red button and some twine. I have to say I really don't care for this one much at all. I'm tired so I guess I should just go to bed soon and hope I have more time tomorrow to come up with something more "me".

I hope you had a great day, or if you're reading this on Wednesday that it's a good day for you.

Take care - much Peace and Luv,
It's still Monday, even tho right now as I start this it is 8:42pm. We're watching the Bachelor and laughing our butts off. These women are really something else. Anyway, I made these little tigers yesterday but couldn't get them downloaded the way I liked so it's a late post. I used the same cardstock and patterned paper on all 3 like I did the other day with the lions. These tigers are downloads from Pink Petticoat, my usual place of late to get fun stuff. The cardstock colors are Close to Cocoa, Really Rust, Creamy Caramel, Brocade Blue and white. The markers I used are the same colors. The striped paper is from Joann's, some ribbon and blue rhinestones and this first little guy is having some fun skippin and I think is my favorite.

This guy looks also like he's saying - "is there food in my teeth" doesn't he? Anyway I used a circle punch, a regular hole punch, some Color Box brown ink and some blue ribbon and blue rhinestones and he does make me smile!

I had several different captions for this card. These are just some fun little notecards and something I'd send to friends who basically understand my twisted sense of humor. I used my Fiskars scallop scissor and a bunch of little blue rhinestones and just a scrap of ribbon for him. Such a cutie.

My weekend was awesome. Neal and I did some running around, got some things done around the house, he had a boy scout 5 mile hike Sunday afternoon and we just had a whole lot of fun together. His sister Lori, who has cancer, had to go to the hospital on Sunday, so we visited her for awhile Sunday evening and before you know it the weekend is over. He did install a pretty new faucet in our bathroom upstairs and while he was at it decided to change out all of the pipes under that sink because they were old. Quite the handyman I must say. I did get a new shower curtain for that bathroom too - you guessed right, it has dragonflies on it and I've been looking for one for a long time and finally found it at

Well it's now 9:05, there's still some laundry going in the dryer, the kitchen is cleaned up from dinner and our clothes are ready for work tomorrow. We've both got a little bit more computer work to finish up and then it's off to get some zzzz's.

Peace and Luv,

I am very proud to have received this award from Elena called - The Marie Antoinette, a Real Person, a Real Award. Thank you so much and do check out her awesome blog.

The 7 people I now nominate are:


I luv all of your blogs and look forward to the inspiration they give me!

Thank you so much Jen for this absolutely beautiful card and to Carol for this gorgeous dragonfly card. They are both awesome and appreciated very much!

Happy Friday!

Peace and Luv,

Happy Birthday Elvis wherever you are and to me too!!!!
I have no card for you today. Here's the deal - you download a card and send it to me today to my email address and I will post it here. How about that? Deal?

Birthday Hugs and Kisses to all of you!!

Peace and much Luv,
I've got a trio of lions for you today. This first one I call - You're My "Mane" Squeeze, get it? Oy. I used all of the same markers and cardstock mostly for all three, which are - Really Rust, More Mustard, Creamy Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, and the patterned paper is from Memory Boutique. Then some brushed brass brads and pop-dots.

Roar if you need a Hug!! (I think I've taken too much cold medicine at this point.) I used my Fiskars fancy scissor (not sure what it's called) for this one and some twine, otherwise the rest is the same as above.

No "lion" - you're cute! They're getting worse aren't they? I used my big scallop punch and some brown grosgrain ribbon, and the rest you already know.

I woke up with a really, really bad headache this morning and didn't think I was going to be able to move, but I did and I'm slugging it out. My co-worker already went home sick, who is my back-up on the phones, so I guess I'm stuck here. I feel better than I initially did this morning, but wish I could click my heels and be on a beach somewhere feeling good with an umbrella drink!

Hope you have a grrrrrreat day - ok I'll stop now!!

Oh....I did receive an award yesterday that I will tell you about later today or tomorrow - or when I'm "feline" better (hee, hee). Thanks Elena!!!

Peace and Luv!

Hey there and Happy Tuesday! Are we all back into the swing of things? Ya right!! I'm not either, plus with all of the sneezing and hacking I'm doing everybody is steering clear of me, which is fine too considering I'm not my usual cheerful self.

So I hope these little birdies are a little pick me up for everybody today (including me). They were fun to work on and they are also from Pink Petticoat. For the first one, Tweet Wishes, the cardstock is Perfect Plum and again, not sure of the lighter blue color. I colored her in with some markers. I used my scallop Fiskars scissor and then used a tiny hole punch in the centers of the scallops. The patterned paper is from Pocket Full of Posies. I used some purple twine, punched out a medium sized flower and then put a button in the middle of it. She also has a rhinestone on the top of her head.

This one, Happy Bird-day, is Navy, Caramel and little bit of Red Riding Hood, and the patterned paper is Daisy D's. I colored her in too with markers, there's a heart brad on top of the present, some thin sheer ribbon and some gold rhinestones. Very cutesy.

It's a little chilly here in AZ, but sunny. There was the Fiesta Bowl last nite here in Glendale. Not sure right now who won it, but it was Ohio v. Texas. Some of the single guys here were going to go to downtown Glendale to check out the Texas college girls. Funny.

I suppose I should get some work done or at least try and look busy even tho I'm not. They really shouldn't put me in front of big windows all day long, it doesn't help my addiction to daydreaming! Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

Hello there - it's back to work Monday for a lot of us isn't it? It doesn't feel like I had 11 days off, that much I can tell you. Oh well, when is the next holiday - Memorial Day - oy.....

This first card is for my hair stylist who is obviously having a little baby boy soon. His name is going to be Frankie, cute huh? This is a download from Pink Petticoat and I used Not Quite Navy and So Saffron cardstock, not sure what the lighter blue is off the top of my head. The ribbon is from Target.

This one is for my co-worker's birthday. I used Creamy Caramel and Always Artichoke cardstock with some patterned paper from Memory Boutique and some brown grosgrain ribbon and a few rhinestones.

I've got the cold that everybody else seems to have had before the holidays. Mine hit on Saturday. So I'm hot and cold, sniffly and coughy. Fun huh? Well at least I wasn't sick over my vacation.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

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