TGIF!! Can you say rhinestones?! I took this picture at a weird angle so you could see all of them, but unfortunately it washed out the colors a bit. This stamp is one that I've had for probably at least 5 years or so I'd guess but I bring it out every year it's just so cute. I just colored him in a bit with markers and then using the background paper I cut some of the glittery stars out and pop dotted them. I used some ribbon and twine and my zig zag Fiskars scissor. Not sure who makes the patterned paper, but the solid paper is Blue Bayou. I also used the ticket corner punch and a small star punch.

I've just got a couple more presents to buy at this point and I'm all set. We do have to decide what to make for the Christmas Eve party at our place, and shop for that, but that's about it I think anyway. We will have the kids this weekend, so we'll have to find something fun to do with them. Today is the last day of school for the kids and Neal, so he's pretty excited. He was busy doing some final grading last nite, but he's so looking forward to 2 weeks off.

It's just in the 50's still here, but we're supposed to see the 60's today and for the weekend. To answer your question Carol - I only kind of miss the snow on Christmas day, but that's it!!! I'm happy to not have to look out the window first thing in the morning to see if I need to leave an hour earlier than usual, boots, hats, scarves, yuk. Neal and I were actually talking about not having to scrape the car in the morning and shoveling a path to it and stuff when we saw all of the snow on the news, some right here in AZ, but north of Phoenix.

Well have a great weekend everybody - don't stress too much about next week - take care and be careful out there if you do live where the weather is bad right now!

Peace and Luv!


shawn said...

cute card.. and it got up to 20 something today.. the 6th graders were skiing for there holiday party.. I did not bring the camera.. oop...
enjoy the holidays..

Anonymous said...

Your card is adorable. I love the sparkling snow and stars, Ahhh to be young and really enjoy the snow again.

This winter (and it is not really winter yet) is shaping up to be a NASTY one here in IA.

SO Neal is a teacher. Good for him. I just bring them the little darlings, then deliver and feed lunches to one of the elementarys.

It took forever to clear the walk yesterday. Ice under and on top of the snow. Hard backbreaking shoveling.

So after the front walk I decided to spend the day wrapping gifts and baking. Much more fun. :)

Happy Holidays...CAROL DEE

Elena said...

How lucky you are without snow...
Love your card! Picture is great! Gems look great here! And snowman is absolutely adorable!

JULS~ said...

Jeannie! I adore snowmen! Don't you? You're gonna get me doing cards instead of focusing on my kids scrapbooks!!! ;)

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