Merry Christmas Eve! Here's a card I made for my friend and co-worker. She luvs these gals and I made of bunch of cards for her this year with them. So I thought she'd get a kick out of this. Can't wait for her to see it. we are. I wrapped all of the kids presents last night. Of course we fell short of wrapping paper on the one big present for all 3 of them - Rockband!! Oh boy am I going to have a headache tonite! Anyway, I'm getting off work at 2 and then I've got to get home and make some food for dinner at 5ish. Neal's siblings will be over by 4 and the kids will be there all day. I hope I didn't forget anything. It's time to stop stressing and just enjoy the day.
This was a quick gift card holder that I made for the owners that I work for. We just got them a card towards a shopping center down the road that has stores, movies and restaurants. What else do you get someone that has everything right?

Also, I'm sure that I shared with you that I had just recently joined ChemoAngels and had been assigned someone that I was sending cards to. Well I received this email yesterday: {Dear Jeannie, I am sorry to inform you that your patient has asked to be removed from the ChemoAngels program at this time. It is always a sad situation when this occurs, but please know that it is in no way a reflection on you. Thank you so much for faithfully angeling your patient! We appreciate all you did, and I'm sure your buddy appreciated it as well.} This doesn't obviously make me feel real happy and so I hope that I was able to bring some happiness to the family while I could during a difficult time, I just wasn't expecting to get this so soon. They did ask if I would like to sponsor another, but I'm not sure....have to think about it. I didn't even know her, but I had fun sending the cards and letters that I did in hopes of making her day a little better.

And so..............Live for and enjoy today and every great moment in it and take care.

Peace and Luv!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jeannie

LOVE the cards, especially the gift card holder. That tree is Wonderful. Fun bling on everything as usual :)

Sorry to hear your Chemo pal asked to be removed from the program. I am sure the short time you sent encouragment it was much appreciated.

I recently found out that the sweetest bank teller at my bank has been told she has lymphoma. I plan to shower her with cards and words of encouragement. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Have a VERY MERRY and LOUD Christmas!!!

shawn said...

LOVE the gift card card.. the gals are cute too.. if someone doesn't like it.. there is this person in Bloomington MN who would love it... HAHAHA..
Sorry to hear about the ChemoAngel thing.. wow.. I would take it personally too..
Have a wonderful x-mas

Elena said...

I am sure your friend will adore this card!
Christmas tree gift card holder is so beautiful!
Merry Christmas to you Jeannie!

JULS~ said...

Hey Jeannie!! I recently had an eyelid reconstruction from basal cell & I would have LOVED receiving your beautiful works of art! Maybe the patient was feeling very overwhelmed with information, treatment & needed solace. Fear can really send people into another realm where they are not themselves! If you still feel like continuing to support others within this volunteer group, then don't set aside your good heart! It was heartwarming for you to give back to the community and crafting can be such a loving gesture to do for others.

I just started scrapbooking. I can see that you are VERY talented and seasoned!!


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