I'm feeling so much better today - Happy Friday!!! Here's my Packer green and gold card for the holiday. I always make one for my sister still in Wisconsin, so here is this year's version. Lola Rose is holding the tree this time and I've got lots of silver baubles from her hair to the tree to the middle of the ribbon. The papers and markers are Earth Elements, some thin sheer gold ribbon and natural twine. Luv the twine colors that are out these days! I did receive my annual Elvis Christmas card from my sister already, so I'd better get hers out soon.

Last nite we went to a sports bar for dinner. We didn't feel like cooking and since we've got the kids this weekend, we thought we'd go out just us two for awhile. The first place we tried was standing room only and we couldn't find a seat anywhere and the second place we tried was barely half full. We had fun anyway. Then we stopped at Pier 1 on the way back to look for nutcrackers that his daughter collects, but there wasn't anything different or unique. Then we came home and I watched the rest of Top Chef because I fell asleep on it the nite before and Grey's Anatomy. I'm so disappointed in Grey's and what the heck are they doing with Izzi and Denny?!!

Tomorrow is a full day from kids gymnastics and basketball and a haircut to an art festival in Tempe that I cannot wait for. It's outside, they close down some of the streets and the weather will be perfect in the 70's.

Just wanted to share another cutie pie picture here today that was taken at another festival we were at - Luv ya my Neal-y!!

Have a great weekend!

Peace and Luv,


Karen ~ said...

Oh my goodness we need to talk.

I watched Grey's last night - haven't watched regularly this season because it is just TOO bizarre. And I agree. WHAT THE HECK? When Izzy gushed to Christina about the great sex??? And then at the end when she scrubbed in with Alex - did that mean she told Denny to go away and she is choosing reality over whatever delusion she was having? And little Grey going over to what's-his-name's place and saying "teach me teach me teach me" ...??? And Bailey FAWNING all over (why can't I remember his name?) in surgery - totally NOT in character for her.

AND. I see from your interests you like Stephanie Plum - LOVE her. Do you read the Spencer books by Robert Parker? Similar sense of humor throughout.

I have to thank Shawn for writing about my birthday on her blog so that you came over and "met" me!

Karen ~ said...

Oh and I totally forgot to say (in all my excitement) I am glad you are feeling better, and I love the Packer card!

shawn said...

I love the chick you are using right now...
NOW since I don't watch Grey's... I have no idea what the 2 of you are talking about!!! I am a CSI gal myself.. but only the Thursday CSI...
Sounds like you will have fun today (saturday).. wish I was there.. and not here.. SNOW... (need I say more)...
have fun with the kiddlets...

Anonymous said...

MY DH is a big Green Bay fan so he'd like the card even though it is GIRLY by his standards. :)
IOWA is a cold and blustery mess lately. SNOW.
The festival sounds like something I'd enjoy. Wish I was there and not here! Except that I do have the darling grandson overnight tonight :)
NEAL is a CUTIE... Lucky girl;)

Elena said...

Glad you are feeling better Jeannie! Your card is adorable! Love the pearls!
Hope you will have a wonderful weekend!
And thank you for sharing the picture!

Erin Bigler said...

OMG, I am soooo glad I dropped out of "Grey's"...I'd be totally lost I think! Sounds like it's really gotten wacky and out of hand. I'm an NBC Must-See TV gal myself on Thursday nights, never missing The Office and 30Rock...Tina Fey is my new idol (outside of the crafting world, that is!)!

This card is awesome! I'd do one similar in honor of our Steelers (who just this minute beat the Cowboys...guess Jess will have a bad night with her grumpy QB!), but I'm not a big fan of working with black and gold :(.

Doncha just LOVE the Bellas?! I have soooooooooooo many of them, and if I ever quit procrasti-nating, maybe I could actually put them to paper!

Thanks for sharing, and now I'm off to check out your other cards!

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