Hey there - I'm back to not feeling good again, Saturday I didn't feel really good at all, but I still was able to do the things we planned. Today I've got a flippin' headache, close to migraine at this point - and....... to top it all off I went to download all of my pictures that I took on Saturday and they're GONE!!! I obviously hit a button I shouldn't have at some point and I'm just so disappointed and mad at myself I could cry. We went to the Festival of the Arts in Tempe on Saturday and afterward we got a Christmas tree and the kids decorated it and we had just an awesome time that I wanted to share with you. Neal did take a few pictures of the tree decorating with his camera, so at least we may have a couple, but still. Anyway.....

This card is a stamp called Twigs from Whipper Snapper Designs and I used Rich Regals papers and markers. The striped paper is from My Mind's Eye, some shimmery ribbon and then I used Fiskars scallop snowflake border punch. I put blue rhinestones in the centers of all of the snowflakes. I also used a light blue Color Box ink around the edges. Cute little guy, hard to mess up.

So, one story that I can tell you about from Saturday was about some of the uptight artists because here I am walking around taking pictures of EVERY dragonfly I see, and there's this tent right with a painting way on the top of it, so I'm walking and snapping pictures and this guy comes running out from his tent yelling ma'am, ma'am, I don't allow pictures of my artwork. I said to him I just like dragonflies and so he made me delete the picture from my camera, then he sees that I've got a dragonfly necklace on and he like points his finger at it saying oh ya I can see that, well let me get my card for you. I just kept walking. What an ass! Sorry, but what the heck did he think I was going to do with it, reproduce his already crappy overpriced artwork?! I was in shock at the time, I think, or I would have had a few more choice words for him. Shouldn't he have taken it as a compliment that I was taking a picture of his work? Geez, people try and recreate all of the great artists in the world, and this no-name guy should worry that his stuff would be copied? I don't think so.

Neal did get me a dragonfly metal sculpture that we put by our front door that I'll have to take a NEW picture of. He is such a sweetheart and carried that thing around the whole afternoon. That was the only thing we purchased, besides cinnamon coated almonds for Quentin, but there was music and a guy doing tricks with his dog (a jack russel of course) that the kids enjoyed too.

Lastly, I'll just talk about the Amazing Race a little bit to say that last nite was the finale and it wasn't who I wanted to win in the beginning, but when you think about it the brother and sister that did win were deserving of it since they came in first on probably half of the episodes. Anyway, it was entertaining and I guess I'm happy the way it ended. Can't wait for the next season of Big Brother now - when does that start - the end of January?

From the time I started writing this until now my headache seems to have gotten a little better. Must be because I vented a little bit, (thanks for listening), or it's the Peppermint Mocha coffee I've got in front of me, maybe both. At any rate, I hope your Monday is great. Tonight I've GOT to finish up some Christmas cards, not sure what else - some Monday Night Football (I'm going to skip right over talking about the Packer game yesterday) and just take it easy a little bit.

Take care!

Peace and Luv,


Anonymous said...

I can not believe that there is anyone else out there as nuts about dragonflys as I am! I have a necklace that I wear always that my sons bought me about 3 years ago for my birthday. It is a tiny white gold dragonfly that has 3 diamonds in it.

I never take a camera with me to art and craft shows around here, the artist do seem to be real worried that you will go make it yourself instead of buying from them.

Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather again. I do think some of that perrmint mocha coffee would help me feel better. I fell on the ice today. I am really beginning to dislike winter in IA!

Happy Stamping, CAROL DEE

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you Twiggy is ADORABLE. Another stamp I am gonna have to have :) LOL


Lisa Foster said...

This card is absolutely adorable! I love it! I'm such a sucker for snowmen! Love your whole blog actaully! Sorry to hear you lost your pics..bummer!!! Hope you're feeling better today!

Erin Bigler said...

OMG, I am sooooo sorry that you lost your photos, Jeannie! That's such a terrible feeling. All you can do is put it behind you and move on to the next event, camera in hand!

AWESOME job with 'Twigs'...what a CUTE card! And I truly hope your headache IS going away and doesn't turn into a full-blown migraine! I used to get them as a teenager, so I share your pain! And now it's happy menopause (or pre) time with all its weirdo symptoms/ conditions.

Thanks for sharing this adorable card! BTW, do you miss the snow?

Elena said...

Sorry to hear you don't feel good... Hope you will get better soon...
And sorry that the person at that event was not so nice to you...
Love your card! Very very cute!

shawn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card.. he is really cute!!
I can't believe that the "artist" was so rude!!
And Sorry I haven't posted.. Just have been really busy... and WORK is not good!!
I hope that you are feeling better soon..
AND your cutie card ALMOST inspires me to stamp a little bit..
hm.... nope,... not yet...

shaz hank said...

So very sweet!

Jan said...

Your comment about the artist is so true!! and very funny - didn't you know that was a mini Van Gogh!! I'm glad you walked away and vented to us instead. it's not worth getting upset over such small minded people. You are so talented and creative! Jan

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