Hey there! Here are a couple more of the Lola Rose Christmas cards I've been busy making for a friend of mine. On this one she's got her red boots on and her party dress and she's ready to go! I used Earth Elements markers and paper for both and the patterned papers I'm not sure about. They've just been hanging out in my Christmas paper box.

This next one is a little naughty Santa's helper I guess. She's got her little Santa outfit on, red bows on her toes and I drew in the fishnet stockings just for a little bit more fun. I also used glitter Stickles and sheer ribbons and of course - rhinestones!!

Now for some great news....when I took the pictures of these cards and downloaded them, out came all of my pictures from the weekend that I thought I lost! All 68 of them! Do not ask me why they did not download on Monday with the picture of the Twigs card, nor did they show up when you hit the review button on my camera, because I cannot answer that. I can only say that I'm happy they were still on there and blame it on Monday morning!

So....here's 2 of the pictures. One of the kids decorating the tree with their candy canes, and the other is from the festival with a big giant dressed up bunny with their balloons. I do, obviously, have more to share with you, which I will be doing over the next couple of days.

It's easy to take some pretty good pictures, with cute kids like they are!!

The only thing I really did last nite was watch/more like just listen to, while I was making cards and doing laundry, was the Biggest Loser. Nothing great, just ready to see the finale next week and keep my fingers crossed that Vicky doesn't win anything. She's just an awful person.

Well have an awesome day and take care!

Peace and Luv,


Erin Bigler said...

So sweet, Jeannie! While you were cookin' on the grill, we here in Pittsburgh were getting pummelled with snow (though unfortunately for the kids, our district didn't have a delay or cancellation!). I LOVE the Bella in your first card on this post...she looks a little unsteady on her feet, maybe from too much eggnog?! I've just GOTTA get busy downstairs with my Bella collection...thanks for the inspiration!

Elena said...

Great pictures! Love your Christmas trees!
Your Christmas card are so adorable! I love this Lola Rose! Glad your pictures are saved!

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