Hello there. Another quick Christmas card for you here made with some Chocolate Chip, and Kiwi Kiss cardstock. Not sure who made the patterned snowflake paper, I've had it around since last year. I used some glittery Stickles on the cake frosting and a couple of markers. Then used my scallop Fiskars scissors, some twine and a heart button.

I'm feeling like C-R-A-P today, not sure why, just woke up feeling queasy. I'm at work, but I sure don't want to be. I'm so tired that if you threw a blanket over me I swear I'd be asleep in a minute. I've gotten plenty of sleep the last couple of nites, so hopefully it's just a little bug that will go away soon. I brought some soup and crackers for lunch, so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to sit outside in the sunshine, maybe that will help too. I've got lots of Christmas cards to still get done, so I don't have time for this and with the company shutting down I can't use any of the few vacation days I have or I won't get paid.

I did watch the Biggest Loser last nite. This season's people just make me crazy. The final 3 are left, so just a few episodes left but I don't really care who wins. Amazing Race is down to the final 3 too, and the mom and son duo came in last this week and that's who I wanted to win so they're gone.

Well, it's about 12:05 pm and I guess I should get a few things done before my lunch at 12:30. I do hope you are all feeling and doing well out there. I luv to hear your comments, so drop me a few words if you're here visiting.

Take care -

Peace and Luv,


Anonymous said...

So jealous to hear you can sit in the sun and try to bake a cold out of you. We are in the middle of a heavy wet snowfall. Wish I could just stay in, but must go drive the school bus.
Stay warm and well.

Samantha said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! It's no fun being at work and wanting nothing more than to take a nap.

Your card is super cute! I love the heart button and the twine!

shawn said...

The card is great.. sorry to hear you are under the weather.. I hope that you are feeling better soon

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

so cute :)

Elena said...

Very cute and very sweet card! Sorry that you don't feel so good... Hope you will be better soon!

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