This was a special request from my co-worker and sisterfriend for one of her vendors. The scenario is that this guy is a first time uncle so it was a bit of a challenge for me because he wasn't the one that had the baby so I didn't want it to be too frilly and stuff. Anyway, the stamp is from the Little Love set I think. I actually only have 2 baby stamps so I guess I need to think about that the next time I go on a stamp spending spree. The patterned paper is from Pocket full of Posies and the rest is Bazzill. Some ribbon and some sticky silver studs just to make it seem a little manly anyway. The idea I was going for with the crimped paper and ribbon was a tuxedo and bow tie - what do you think? I also used the designer label punch and the ticket corner punch. I did see some pictures of the new little one and he sure is a cutie. Having no babies of my own, it makes me smile and get weepy at the same time, not sure what that means. Oh - on the inside I just put Congratulations Uncle Daniel. Cute-no?

It's a bit chilly actually this morning here in AZ, but will go up to 77 today which will be gorgeous and perfect and I got a note on my desk this morning that no one is admitting to this morning saying good morning sunshine. Not sure if that's a good thing or someone commenting on my cranky mood this morning since I just don't want to be here at all. It's going to be a long day I think.

I started a card last nite, but I didn't get too far with it. I was just too dang tired and then I started watching yesterday's Oprah because she had Dr. Oz on. Those are about the only shows of hers that I watch anymore that are interesting. You can learn some pretty cool stuff from him. It was about skin and hair and stuff like that. The most depressing thing learned was that you can buy all the cremes you want for cellulite but nothing is going to help. Oh well.

Guess I should get my cranky butt going this morning and do something productive - hope your day is good and thanks for listening! The swedish meatballs did turn out great last nite, by the way, and the kids even ate them which is always a good sign for me!

Peace and much Luv,


shawn said...

Yup.. I agree that an uncle card might be hard.. hm.. wouldn't know where to go with that.. But it is a cute boy card anyway..
Glad that the meatballs were good.. and kids eating is a good sign...

Elena said...

Your card is very precious! Love the colors!
Glad that swedish meatballs were good!

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