Hi there. Well I have been having fun all weekend since I found this site with these cool images to download. It's like having a stamp, but it's downloaded onto your computer to print out as you wish. The awesome website that I purchased her from is Pink Petticoat.
She has the cutest stuff on there and I was going crazy this weekend making cards with them. I was so excited, I couldn't stop! So you will be seeing Lola Rose and her sister Lilli all week. It was so simple for me because I recently bought the Stampin' Up Earth Elements markers and paper. So everything matches, and all I had to find was a patterned paper and embellishments to go with and that was about it. I hope you enjoy her and her diamonds today too.

The weekend was filled with sick kids mostly. Except for the little one, the other two had a touch of the flu and cold. The oldest is home with Neal today, so hopefully everybody will be feeling better by Thanksgiving. I didn't post anything on Friday, because Neal came home sick Thursday nite, so I took care of him and I've been Lysol-ing like crazy! I'm the only one who got a flu shot, so fingers crossed, I won't get it.

It was chilly enough this morning for a jacket here in AZ, probaby in the 50's somewhere and then when I got to work and I was talking with one of our vendors from Canada on the phone he said it was 18 there. I had to stop my whining right away!

We were at the grocery store and what do we see, but this car in the parking lot! If you can't see it, the license plate sez CHSHEAD. Being one myself I had to take a picture. Gotta luv it!! Tonight I can actually get excited about Monday Night Football because the Packers are on. There haven't been too many Monday night games that have been worth watching, so I am looking forward to it. I might have to stop for some wings on the way home!!

Have a great day and take care!

Peace and Luv,


Samantha said...

Very cute card! I'll have to check out that site soon. Love the personalized plate. I have one, too :)

shawn said...

VERY cute card.. and I love the car.. and it's yellow too!!! HEE HEE HEE..
Sorry about the Pack last night... Hope you had a good night anyway....

Elena said...

Glad you found this site Jeannie! I can understand why you couldn't stop! These images are so much fun!
Hope you will not catch that flu and everybody will feel better!

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