Happy Shopping Frenzy Friday!! I hope if you're out there today you're finding some good deals! We ventured out for a little bit, but not long, just craziness and with 3kids in tow it's not easy. Here's some more Lola Rose. One blonde and one brunette. When I showed them to Neal he said that the blonde should have had the diamonds on and the brunette the pearls. When I asked him why he just laughed and left the room...? The patterned papers on both are from Daisy D's and the rest is the same - Earth Elements markers and papers.

I downloaded some more images from Pink Petticoat, some Christmas ones, so now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start with them as well as the other stamps that I've gotten over the last month.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Stampin' Up cardmaking party and then we are also going to make some cards for the guys overseas to send. I'm looking forward to it. I'll try and remember my camera so you can share in the fun and food and craziness.

I hope the rest of your Friday is fun, we're having turkey ala king for dinner with the yummy leftover turkey that we got to bring home and then just relaxing with a movie tonite and may even break in the fireplace. It's going to be a chilly nite.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Peace and Luv,

May your stuffing be tasty,
may your turkey be plump,
may your potatoes and gravy
have nary a lump,
may your yams be delicious,
and your pies take the prize,
and may your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off of your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Peace and Luv,

Here's Lola Rose holding flowers and if it's hard to read it sez - it takes a long time to grow a good friend. The patterned paper is from Daisy D's, the ribbon from Michael's and the charm I've had for awhile. Otherwise I used Earth Elements markers, a couple of Copic markers, some silver brads, twine and rhinestones. Also a Fiskars scallop flower border punch. Also a white Signo pen for the stitching.

It's Wednesday, or Friday if you're in the working world. It's raining here in AZ, and I think it's supposed to rain most of today and tomorrow too. At least that's what they're saying anyway. Kinda wierd out right now, in the 50's, cloudy and dark. Makes me want to go back to bed, but then that doesn't take much to want to do that anyway.

I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow with the kids at Neal's sisters. It will be our first Thanksgiving together. Sounds funny since I've been here almost a year now, but I didn't move here until December 1st. So Monday is the anniversay of that! Hard to believe how fast this year has gone by already. I hope today goes by quickly so that I can actually enjoy having 4 days off in a row!!

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,
Here's Lilli that I talked about yesterday that is a download from Pink Petticoat and her big sunflower! I used more Earth Elements markers and paper and the patterned paper is from Then just ribbon and silver sticky studs. I'm luving these, maybe I'm crazy, but I just can't help myself. I've got to download the Christmas images and get some of them done for my favorite co-worker and customer here. She has ordered 15 Christmas cards from me, so I'd better get busy this weekend. I've also got a Stampin' Up get together this Saturday too and they always like me to bring my cards along, so it's a good thing I've got Friday off.

Last nite I didn't get anything done because I was all snuggled into my couch and ready for a great Monday nite football game with my Packers and it was just awful! We lost like 51 to 29 I think was the final. Unreal and so disappointing. So we called it a nite and went to bed early.

Tonite Neal has scouts, so it's a late one for him so I should be able to get a bunch of stuff done and also get my recipes out for what I'll be taking to Neal's sisters for Thanksgiving. I make pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting once a year so I never remember what I need for them besides a can of pumpkin.

Well I guess I'd better get moving here today, I hope yours is great and if you're in the working world just think - today is Thursday already!

Take care - Peace and Luv!

Hi there. Well I have been having fun all weekend since I found this site with these cool images to download. It's like having a stamp, but it's downloaded onto your computer to print out as you wish. The awesome website that I purchased her from is Pink Petticoat.
She has the cutest stuff on there and I was going crazy this weekend making cards with them. I was so excited, I couldn't stop! So you will be seeing Lola Rose and her sister Lilli all week. It was so simple for me because I recently bought the Stampin' Up Earth Elements markers and paper. So everything matches, and all I had to find was a patterned paper and embellishments to go with and that was about it. I hope you enjoy her and her diamonds today too.

The weekend was filled with sick kids mostly. Except for the little one, the other two had a touch of the flu and cold. The oldest is home with Neal today, so hopefully everybody will be feeling better by Thanksgiving. I didn't post anything on Friday, because Neal came home sick Thursday nite, so I took care of him and I've been Lysol-ing like crazy! I'm the only one who got a flu shot, so fingers crossed, I won't get it.

It was chilly enough this morning for a jacket here in AZ, probaby in the 50's somewhere and then when I got to work and I was talking with one of our vendors from Canada on the phone he said it was 18 there. I had to stop my whining right away!

We were at the grocery store and what do we see, but this car in the parking lot! If you can't see it, the license plate sez CHSHEAD. Being one myself I had to take a picture. Gotta luv it!! Tonight I can actually get excited about Monday Night Football because the Packers are on. There haven't been too many Monday night games that have been worth watching, so I am looking forward to it. I might have to stop for some wings on the way home!!

Have a great day and take care!

Peace and Luv,
It's Thursday-Eve again! In some ways the weeks go slow (when it's Monday) but all of the sudden here were are at the end of the week again. Gotta luv it!

It seems I've depleted my birthday card stash so I've got to start building it up again. This is one stamp that I adore from Cowtown Stamps. They have some of the cutest things. I used Chocolate Chip and Riding Hood Red solid paper and the polka dot is from K&Company. The ink is Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Riding Hood Red and Kiwi Kiss. Also used is some brown grosgrain ribbon, my large and small star punches as well as a circle punch and some pop-dots. It looks like he's looking at the stars, doesn't it?

Ya know there's really not much else happening with me. I've gotten some special orders for holiday cards that are keeping me busy, which is good. I still have a $25 gift certificate for Joann's that I may go and spend tonite after work, so that should be fun. Not sure what I should spend it on, but I'm sure I'll find something!

I did hear from the Phoenix Art Museum regarding a volunteer application I sent it there. Not sure what I'll be doing, but orientation is in a few weeks and I'm excited about that and some doors that it may open up for me, you just never know. If nothing more, I'm surrounded by art!

Peace and Luv!
Hey there - thanks so much for all of your kind words and thoughts over the last couple of days. They are very much appreciated.

This card was made with the Carte Postale set and some Bazzill scraps, Wild wasabi and Old Olive paper and ink, as well as the ribbon. Also some Color Box chalks for the edges. I used my Fiskars scallop scissor, a white Signo pen for the dots, a couple of square punches, a round scallop punch and an oval punch. Then added a silver and rhinestone brad. The inspiration for this came from Marika on SCS. Mine doesn't do justice to hers, but I'm always looking for different layout ideas anyway.

I've been busy making cards for the Chemo Angels that I am now a card angel for. It's a cancer support group that matches you up with someone going thru chemo that you send cards to. It's interesting that I signed up for this about a month ago and now Neal's sister is going thru this too, so I will be sending her as many cards as possible as well of course. I also received an order today for 6 Thanksgiving cards, so I know what I'll be doing tonight!

Work has still been slow, but I have been busy this week with some things that needed to be done and helping out others with that. Anything to keep the day busy to go by as quickly as possible - ya know?!

Have a great day and take care.

Peace and Luv,
I dedicate today to Neal's brother Jack. The following is a letter written by Neal's sister Lynn -

Dear Family and Friends,

We are so sorry to tell you that last night our brother Jack passed away.

During Jacks life he struggled everyday to stay sober. He battled this torture by going to AA, treatment centers, trying experimental drugs, chinese acupuncture and psychiatry. He and all of us were always hopeful that he could overcome the demons that were cripplling him.

Jack was a good and kind person with a great sense of humor. Mostly he had a boatload of compassion for anyone who was troubled, sad or the underdog. He understood the pain of others and could give great advice and support. Something he just couldn't do for himself. He would often cry that he wanted to be a better son, brother and uncle to the three kids that he loved and admired more than anything. He said many times he just wanted to walk through life steady, with nothing chasing him. This broke our hearts.

Last night we sat together, up very late, telling stories. Some sad, most very funny. When we were done and it was silent, we felt a calm enter the room. We know our beloved brother Jack is safe in Gods arms, happy and whole again. But mostly he got what he had been searching for - he got Peace.

We hope you will all say a prayer for Jack, keep him in your heart and know that he is now in a beautiful place.

We Love you All, The Johnson's

Peace and Luv,

Just a simple and fast Friday card for ya here today. The picture of the kids is from a while ago when we went to Gunther Toody's and they were given the hats there. The card was made with some paper that I got with a scrapbook for recipes that I never made, but I kept the paper because I liked it. The apple stamp is from the Tart & Tangy set. Other than that, some blue scraps and the ribbon is from Offray.

So what's cooking with me? It's Friday!!! Not sure what the plans are for tonite, I don't think we decided on anything except maybe I can talk Neal into getting some bar food for dinner. Tomorrow there's an art festival I want to go to, but he has a basketball game at 1 and then I have a work party to go to in the evening, so we've got to somehow fit that in. It's probably about an hour away or so, but it's outside and there will be music and I luv that kind of thing. Surround me with music and artwork and maybe a cold drink in my hand and I'm happy.

I do hope you have a great weekend and take care!!

Peace and Luv,

It's Friday-Eve already and that's a good thing! Another Autumn card for ya here with scraps laying around. The leaf stamp is from Vap Scrap, no idea where I got it. Probably the dollar store or something. I colored it in with Old Olive and some Color Box ink, added some thin ribbon and a few orange brads. As I've said before I won't do any Christmas cards until after Thanksgiving, but now even I'm getting bored with the fall stuff, so I'll have to get some birthday and other cards made between now and then to fill in the gap. I do have some cute wintery stamps I'm itching to use tho, just for the record.

We had the kids again for dinner last nite, just some burgers on the grill but it was fun. We watched a few comedies with them and then they had to go home. We did get to watch House from Tuesday nite and that's always interesting to watch. He sure is a different kind of cat, isn't he?

Some not so great news received last nite in Neal's family is about his sister. She just finished going thru some cancer issues and was cleared of all of it and now it's in the lymphnodes. She'll be starting back with the treatments she'll need for that and so we're all hoping it will help and get it under control real soon, fingers crossed.

I haven't even watched last week's Grey's Anatomy yet and another is on tonite so I need to get caught up. A new Top Chef season started on Bravo last nite too, I LUV that show!

Have a great day and take care!

Peace and Luv,
This was a special request from my co-worker and sisterfriend for one of her vendors. The scenario is that this guy is a first time uncle so it was a bit of a challenge for me because he wasn't the one that had the baby so I didn't want it to be too frilly and stuff. Anyway, the stamp is from the Little Love set I think. I actually only have 2 baby stamps so I guess I need to think about that the next time I go on a stamp spending spree. The patterned paper is from Pocket full of Posies and the rest is Bazzill. Some ribbon and some sticky silver studs just to make it seem a little manly anyway. The idea I was going for with the crimped paper and ribbon was a tuxedo and bow tie - what do you think? I also used the designer label punch and the ticket corner punch. I did see some pictures of the new little one and he sure is a cutie. Having no babies of my own, it makes me smile and get weepy at the same time, not sure what that means. Oh - on the inside I just put Congratulations Uncle Daniel. Cute-no?

It's a bit chilly actually this morning here in AZ, but will go up to 77 today which will be gorgeous and perfect and I got a note on my desk this morning that no one is admitting to this morning saying good morning sunshine. Not sure if that's a good thing or someone commenting on my cranky mood this morning since I just don't want to be here at all. It's going to be a long day I think.

I started a card last nite, but I didn't get too far with it. I was just too dang tired and then I started watching yesterday's Oprah because she had Dr. Oz on. Those are about the only shows of hers that I watch anymore that are interesting. You can learn some pretty cool stuff from him. It was about skin and hair and stuff like that. The most depressing thing learned was that you can buy all the cremes you want for cellulite but nothing is going to help. Oh well.

Guess I should get my cranky butt going this morning and do something productive - hope your day is good and thanks for listening! The swedish meatballs did turn out great last nite, by the way, and the kids even ate them which is always a good sign for me!

Peace and much Luv,

Oh to be so relaxed and floating on a little lake right now like this little guy huh?! I really like these stamps, this one is Autumn Cruise from Stampabilities, but I have to say they are hard to color for me. Not sure that I do as well as they show on the stamp itself, but he is cute. I used a bunch of scraps from my scrap box for this one, some K&Company, Pockets full of Posies, and Bazzill, a little orange ribbon, a couple of rhinestones and of course pop-dots and here you have it. I've got another couple of weeks yet to use up some of my fall papers. I suppose I should work on some Thanksgiving cards too. I refuse to do any Christmas cards until December 1st, that's just the way it is.

Not much really going on with me. Work is still very slow and so that makes for a long day. I sure wish I could bring in some of my stamps and stuff, because the day would go by quickly as it always seems that time flies when I'm working on cards I get so wrapped up in them but that's not reality, is it.

Last nite the AZ Cardinals were playing Monday Nite Football. I didn't get to see too much of it, laundry, etc., but they did win in the end. I guess since I live here, they can be my second team. I forgot to talk about the Packer vs. Viking game on Sunday - they cheated!!! hee, hee.

Neal and the kids are all off today, no school for the holiday. I wish I had some vacation time to take the day off with them, but I've got to save it for the end of the year when we close down for a week and a half. I think they're going to the $1 movie and just hanging out together. I rolled up some swedish meatballs for him to start dinner for tonite before I get home and before they have to run off to boy scouts. Hope the kids like them.

Have a great Tuesday and take care!

Peace and Luv,
This is one Crazy Autumn Chick! She was a download from a recent newsletter and I thought she was so ugly she was cute so I had to print her out and doll her up a bit. She originally had really long legs, but I thought she looked cuter being petite. Anyway, I added a bow, and a few leaf stamps that I had left over from Friday's moose card and then the dragonfly stamp is from the Patterened Bugs set from Inkadinkado. It was a quick and easy Sunday card and I hope it makes you smile just a little bit anyway. I did ink up the edges with Color Box chalk in chestnut, and the leaves are also Color Box yellow and orange from the classic pigment ink set and the green leaves are Old Olive. The dragonfly is also Color Box ink. The paper behind her is Bazzill and I used a Fiskars small scallop scissor for the edges. I did print her out twice and then cut her out and put the second one on top of the first with pop-dots.

I mentioned that I was going to a fashion show Saturday and this window was one of the shops as we walked thru the mall to get to the show that I saw. All of the things inside the shop were too spendy for me, but I did have to take a picture of the dragonfly window. Cool huh? Like Neal sez - they follow me everywhere because I always manage to find them wherever I go!

Ok so the random picture for a Monday is this potato chip - it's a heart!!! Do you see it? It was too cute to eat, and I shouldn't have been eating them anyway, but it made me stop in my tracks when I saw it! I'm such a dork!

Have a great Monday!

Peace and Luv!

I'm posting late today because I messed up the download this morning, so I had to wait til I got home to fix it. Anyhoo....this is a new set for me and I had such a hard time getting the moose to stamp out solid and look ok. The paper is textured with lines in it, but still. I tried it on other paper and I didn't have any better results. I tried it with the stamp pad first and it just looked horrible and then with markers, which is what this one is, but I'm still not real happy with it. If you have this stamp, let me know what the trick is or something. This layout is a challenge on a website called Mothers & Daughters Creations. They have some cute ideas on this site, so check it out! So basically, I obviously used the Moose You stamp set, some Bazzill blue, Old Olive paper and ink for the leaf. The moose was inked in Chocolate Chip and the hearts in Riding Hood Red. Other than that, off white, and the patterened paper is from Joann's. I used the ticket corner punch, more twine and lots of pop dots. It will be going in the mail to Dixie this weekend! I miss my girl - or should I say moose you?!

It's Friday - yes!!! It was great weather today, may be a little bit warmer this weekend, but that's ok. We've got the kids, so it's gymnastics and basketball and the only other thing I know is about some fashion show tomorrow in Scottsdale. Sunday the Packers play the Vikings, so that means my team against Neal's team. Oh boy is about all I'll say about that right now.

I do hope that you have a great weekend. I want to get some creations done this weekend, but I'm not too sure how successful I'll be with that. Thanks to all of you that have commented over the last several days and welcome to my little dragonfly world. Please visit me often and ask any questions you'd like of me. Also, remember anything you see here can be purchased (somebody asked me about that is all) so just email me if you're interested in anything.

Peace and luv,
Hi there! It's been a busy couple of days for me and I haven't had time to make anything. This card is another that doesn't thrill me, but it is what it is. The background patterned papers are from K&Company. The flower stamp is from the Petal Prints set and I used another tiny scrap of Purely Pomegranate that I found and Close to Cocoa paper. The ink is Purely Pomegranate and a pinky/rose color from Color Box. The ribbon is from Michael's and I'm not sure where I got the silver dream washer from, it's been around awhile. I put a pink rhinestone in the center of it and added another 2 rhinestones to the side. That's about it.

Dixie's daddy came late Monday nite and they left for Omaha Tuesday morning. I of course miss her already, but I know that her daddy will take good care of her. Needless to say, I feel a bit lost and out of sorts without her around. Tuesday nite we went to Neal's sisters to watch the election results. We had a good time there, as always, and it's always good to see them.

It's downright chilly here today in Phoenix. Last nite I was actually cold! It will be in the 70's somewhere, which will be nice but I've got to go and get some more fall clothes and put the sandals away I guess. Still sunny tho, which makes all the difference.

I ordered some stuff from Stampin' Up, that I think I'm getting today from my demonstrator and I also ordered some other stamps online that I got in the mail yesterday. I luv Snoopy and the Peanuts gang and I found some online that I will be having fun with. I also found some dragonfly felt stickers and glittery ones too that I can't wait to use. The stamps are more Christmasy/wintery and I've noticed people doing Christmas cards as well as Valentine's Day too! Oy!! I'm not ready to do that, so you'll only see fall stuff from me still for the next couple of weeks.

I also found out about a Scrapbook store not too far away from where I work here that I've got to stop into tonite and check out. They have a semi-monthly crop that I want to get involved with and just check out the store in general for new ideas.

Well have a great Friday-Eve and take care!! Thanks for the great comments and as always it's great to meet new people here.

Peace and Luv,

Hi there. This card is made with a fall scrap paper and some Bazzill. The main card is from a natural pack of cards and matching envelopes from Michael's. The stamps are from the Pocket Silhouettes set. I used a Fiskars scallop scissor, a round punch and a round scallop punch and a bit of sheer gold ribbon. I like this layout and have used it before and I'm sure I'll use it again!

It was a quiet weekend pretty much for me. I had a hair appointment in the morning and Neal had a basketball game and then we went out for dinner Saturday nite to Abuelo's. We took a couple of pictures but it was pretty dark and I didn't like how I turned out so that means nobody gets to see them, which I'm sure everybody can relate to. Sunday was just football and laying around.

Today is the day that I don't look forward to. Dixie's daddy will be here tonite to pick her up. I spent lots of time with her this weekend and had a talk with her. If you're not a pet person you wouldn't understand, but I know that she did.

Tomorrow is election day, so get out and vote if you haven't already. I'll be getting up very early to be there when the place opens at 6 am. Hopefully there won't be a line, but it's the only time that will work out for Neal and I to go.

Have a great day.

Peace and Luv,

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