Only 2 days away from Halloween - do you have all of your tricks and treats ready? I went to Costco last nite, but I decided that the gigantic bag of candy they had may be a bit too much. Not knowing, this being the first year at this place it's hard to say how much to get. There are always kids running around, but still I don't want that much left hanging around the house.

This card is using some paper from Carol Wilson that I've had for several years now, since I only use a little bit of it every year but I do like it a lot. The Spider stamp is from Inkadinkado - and it's a clear set of 10 stamps called Patterned Bugs. When I first bought it, and I got it because it had dragonflies, I thought I'd never use the spider stamp cuz it was creepy, but it is perfect for Halloween I must say. On the yellow paper I used one of the Background Basics stamps with orange ink. It looked like candy flying around to me - ya? The glitter letters are stickers from Target and the ribbon and silver sticky studs are from Michael's. I also used a small scallop scissor from Fiskars, but I used it backwards if you know what I mean. In other words it's the opposite or the negative part of a scallop. Make sense?! Hope so.

This purse is one that I got at the Craft Sale a couple of weekends ago from a great gal named Heidi that I met there that makes them. She makes the cutest aprons too. If you have an interest in them, just email me and I will give you her info and I can show you more pictures of some of her other beautiful stuff.

The smaller picture, is of my great niece. Not only is she great, but I mean she is truly my great niece. She is my niece Jen's daughter and her name is Tiffany and they live in Colorado. She sent me this picture yesterday and I was trying to make the picture larger so you could see it better, but I couldn't. She has a dragonfly painted on her face! Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

Not much else going on today. The only thing I watched last nite was some daytime stuff that I recorded, but nothing that interesting there. I record The View just to hear the things that may come out of Elizabeth's mouth for the humor of it all really.

Hope you have a great day!

Peace and Luv -


Miss TNT said...

ooohhh I can't stand that Elizabeth...she makes me so angry! Onto to better things..LOVE the pic of your great niece...what a cutie!!

shawn said...

Love the card.. I didn't do any Halloween cards.. when would I have time..?? I love the bag.. very YOU...
And I happen to love candy corn.. not just to eat.. I have to pick up candy corn stamps all the time.. don't know why.. I think they are cute!!!

Elena said...

Love your new purse! Your niece is so beautiful! She loves dragonflies too!
Your card is so cute! Love the spider! But only on your card!

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