My little Dixie has sores on her paws that she won't leave alone so I put some medicine on her and then put a little baby sock over it so she'd leave it alone for awhile, so here she is looking kinda sad about it. But she's got her happy face sandwich squeak toy next to her as you can see. Not sure what else to do with her besides get a conehead, and that really is sad and I don't want to do that to her. I'll keep ya posted if it works or not.

This cute door hanger is another thing that I learned on Saturday. It's actually just an envelope that you seal the flap and kinda tri-fold the sides and then scallop punch one side for the opening. Then we used some background stamps (I didn't do very well tho) for the dots, not sure the name of the stamp. Then the little purse is 2 squares that fit inside each other and the flap is 2 circles folded over in the middle with a brad for the clasp to hold it together and a bit of ribbon behind it. The hanging white ribbon is also fastened with brads and then the pink ribbon at the bottom is just tied around it. I couldn't decide which stamp verse to use below the purse so I left it blank and will probably put the name of whoever I give it to there. I just love the envelope idea and it would be fun to surprise someone by putting one of these on their front door with a little gift inside. Chocolate would be perfect!! I believe the cardstock is the new Pink Pirouette, and I used Basic Brown ink. Again - thanks Jan for the great inspiration!

I didn't make anything new last nite because I wasn't feeling good. I actually left work early. So much for no side effects from getting a flu shot, because I think that's what is happening. You should see my arm! The area where I got the shot, which didn't hurt at all to get, was swollen to the size of about 3 inches around, red and warm to the touch. Then I started getting all queasy yesterday so I went home and tried to sleep for awhile and took some aspirin. Still not feeling the greatest here today, but just trying to get thru the day as best as I can.

Have a great Wednesday and take care!

Peace and Luv,

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shawn said...

Happy Friday's Eve Eve... Sorry to hear about your arm and the whole shot thing.. and sorry to hear about Dixie.. poor puppy!!
Love the door hanger.. Those little treat-a-lopes are great!!
hope you are feeling better!!!

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