I don't like this card, it's just too blah and boring and it reminds me of the cards I did when I first started out. Anyway, it is what it is, and so it's something to post anyway vs. nothing at all. I found a tiny scrap of Purely Pomegranate that I had left, so sad that they got rid of that color, otherwise off white and black, and the patterned paper is from Pocket Full of Posies. The stamp of the flowers is from the Pocket Silhouettes set and I stamped it in Plum something or other. The ribbon is from Michael's and then there are 3 little sticky rhinestones. Maybe I can think of something more to jazz it up down the road before I give it to someone, we'll see. I don't think I'll post this on SCS. I promise to try harder tonite and have something a little better for you tomorrow. Send me a message telling me what you want me to do, I do better if I have a goal to work toward sometimes (again I beg for comments from y'all).

What did I watch last nite - Biggest Loser, which I'm not really into too much this season, and then I always record The View, which is on in the morning. They really get into it politically and that Elizabeth is something else! I can't talk intelligently about any politics myself because I choose to not get that involved in it, but boy she is so set in her thinking it's incredible to me. I'm glad that there are only a few days left of all of this, and I'm sure everybody else is too. I just want peace all over the world, is that too much to ask?!!

I'm still trying to get some pictures of the peeps that I work with to introduce you to them, but no one "wants their picture on the internet", is what their excuse is. If they would just visit this blog, like I've told them to do, they'd realize how tame it is and have no worries, ya?!!

Oh....it's Friday-Eve isn't it?! That's a good thing! Grey's Anatomy is on tonite, and we're going to make chicken alfredo pizza and salad for dinner. I may have to stop for a bottle of wine to go with too. White Zinfandel is my fav. Quick and easy and oh so good, but then pizza is my favorite food group!

Peace and Luv,


Elena said...

Oh, Jeannie... Why you don't like your card... I don't see anything wrong with it. I see an elegant card with one of my favorite stamp set from SU! Very beautiful color combination! Don't be upset! Just remember that in WI there is a redhaired girl with a Russian accent who loves to visit your place and enjoy reading your stories!

shawn said...

I like the card.. Yes, it isn't your fancy smancy stuff you usually do, but it is nice.. simple sweet...
I agree that I miss the pom color.. Never know what SU is thinking...
White Zin is good.. I really like Moscato now too.. it's a white.. sweet.. easy to drink.. and Reslings...
How did the pizza turn out???
And.. something to make.. hm.. well.. since I haven't been stamping much.. have looked at my x-mas stuff.. and thought.. I should start on those.. but then never do.. soo... back to your request..
How about something with Apricot.. I love that color!!

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