Hello there and welcome to Halloween week!! This is actually a card from last year, but since I didn't have time over the weekend to do anything new I thought I'd just put it next to my scarecrow guy on the mantle. There's a little kitty in the center of the circle that I put a witch hat on and then put a green bow tie on him too. I cut the letters out with Sizzlets alphabet dies and then there are 2 black brads on top of the red/rust colored Bazzill. The pumpkin paper was from Joann's. The scarecrow is from Michael's a few years ago, but I luv him!

It was a very busy weekend for us and here's a picture of the kids andthe Halloween cookies they made at their aunts yesterday. They were all sugared up when we picked them up but of course they had fun!

I did a little shopping at a scrapbook/stamp sale, but not very much. It was small, and not laid out well, and I couldn't get real close to a lot of the stuff because it was crowded. The cutest part was that a gal that I know recognized Neal from my blog! She was the one that I made the baby girl cards for and she was so appreciative and thankful and that's what it's all about. They were there for the all day crop and they even asked if I had any of my cards with me to buy more. I hate to carry them in my car around with me because of the hot sun here, but maybe I should have a little box with me at all times. It was great to hear the compliments and it gives me the fuel I need to keep going and I had designs dancing in my head all nite long.

Tonite I want to get some recipes for Halloween snacks and stuff together to make for my co-workers and I found an awesome and fun site called Our Best Bites. I added a blinky over on the left there to click on so check it out as it sounds like there will be other fun Halloween stuff posted this week.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,


juanita d. said...

just found your site from scs and wanted to tell you how fun and fresh the puzzle link was! your blog is lovely! keep up the great work.

shawn said...

It looks like you had fun this weekend.. And I understand that you didn't have time to stamp... but the card is great!!
And welcome to juanita!!

Elena said...

Very cute Halloween card!
Thank you for sharing the pictures with very fun cookies and the most beautiful kids!

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