Ghosts and goblins
Candy galore
Skeletons and monsters
And all the decor
Carved pumpkins
Glowing in the night
Witches on their brooms
Oh what a fright
Kids in their costumes
Going door to door
Singing trick or treat
And we want more
Boos in the night
Chills in the air
Warning all the people
Watch out, beware
Spooky spooky
Don't you scream
It's just me -
Wishing you Happy Halloween!!!

by Sarah Steffen

Monster Munch -
1 bag microwave popcorn
1 bag candy corn
1 can peanuts
1 package almond bark melted

Peace and Luv,


shawn said...

Cute poem... and thanks for the recipe for the monster munch.. sounds yummy... how much did you make???

Elena said...

Very cute poem! Thank you for sharing the recipe! Looks so good!

nitestamper said...

first, great halloween poem\ the recipe. and hello from glendale, AZ!!!!!

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