Ghosts and goblins
Candy galore
Skeletons and monsters
And all the decor
Carved pumpkins
Glowing in the night
Witches on their brooms
Oh what a fright
Kids in their costumes
Going door to door
Singing trick or treat
And we want more
Boos in the night
Chills in the air
Warning all the people
Watch out, beware
Spooky spooky
Don't you scream
It's just me -
Wishing you Happy Halloween!!!

by Sarah Steffen

Monster Munch -
1 bag microwave popcorn
1 bag candy corn
1 can peanuts
1 package almond bark melted

Peace and Luv,

Happy Halloween-Eve!! As this card says - tomorrow is the scary nite! I've had fun making these cards this week and this one has a dark rusty colored Bazzill base, the striped paper is from Deja Views and there's some black as well as purple Bazzill scraps. The vellum message is from a Fall paper set from Joann's from last year. The little pumpkin head is a stamp from the Year Round Fun II set and then I colored them in with some orange and yellow and green markers. The green ribbon is from Michael's and then I used a large and tiny star punch, the ticket corner punch and 4 little orange brads and pop-dots of course. Can't live with 'em! The small picture is of Ali and her bat cookie she made, which I thought was perfect with today's card.

Gosh, what do I have to talk about today? Well we had the kids over for dinner last nite and we didn't have a lot of time because Neal and Quentin had to go and get their basketball pictures taken at 7:15. So....we both pull into the parking lot at 5:30 and it's a whirlwind to walk Dixie, get dinner on the table, help Vanessa with her homework, watch some of the World Series game, and whatever else was happening at the time too I don't even know. So we pulled out some mandarin orange chicken from the freezer from Trader Joe's and made some rice and asian veggies. Neal had all of the timing down perfectly (he's so good) as to how long everything would take and we were sitting down and eating at 6:15. Not bad, huh? So before you know it they were gone and the house was quiet again. There were big hugs and kisses for Dixie from the kids as they won't see her again before she leaves on Monday. I don't want to talk anymore about that anymore right now..........

Tonite I think it's just us two, not sure what we'll whip up for dinner but probably grill something and catch up on some shows. Grey's is on, and I hope it's a better show tonite than it has been the last couple of weeks. I've gotta get the Monster Munch done for the peeps here at work for tomorrow too.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

Only 2 days away from Halloween - do you have all of your tricks and treats ready? I went to Costco last nite, but I decided that the gigantic bag of candy they had may be a bit too much. Not knowing, this being the first year at this place it's hard to say how much to get. There are always kids running around, but still I don't want that much left hanging around the house.

This card is using some paper from Carol Wilson that I've had for several years now, since I only use a little bit of it every year but I do like it a lot. The Spider stamp is from Inkadinkado - and it's a clear set of 10 stamps called Patterned Bugs. When I first bought it, and I got it because it had dragonflies, I thought I'd never use the spider stamp cuz it was creepy, but it is perfect for Halloween I must say. On the yellow paper I used one of the Background Basics stamps with orange ink. It looked like candy flying around to me - ya? The glitter letters are stickers from Target and the ribbon and silver sticky studs are from Michael's. I also used a small scallop scissor from Fiskars, but I used it backwards if you know what I mean. In other words it's the opposite or the negative part of a scallop. Make sense?! Hope so.

This purse is one that I got at the Craft Sale a couple of weekends ago from a great gal named Heidi that I met there that makes them. She makes the cutest aprons too. If you have an interest in them, just email me and I will give you her info and I can show you more pictures of some of her other beautiful stuff.

The smaller picture, is of my great niece. Not only is she great, but I mean she is truly my great niece. She is my niece Jen's daughter and her name is Tiffany and they live in Colorado. She sent me this picture yesterday and I was trying to make the picture larger so you could see it better, but I couldn't. She has a dragonfly painted on her face! Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

Not much else going on today. The only thing I watched last nite was some daytime stuff that I recorded, but nothing that interesting there. I record The View just to hear the things that may come out of Elizabeth's mouth for the humor of it all really.

Hope you have a great day!

Peace and Luv -

It's all about the accessories!! Don't you just luv her fab diamond necklace? This stamp is called Scribble Kitty and it is from Prickley Pear. I colored her in with some orangey markers on watercolor paper. Then I put some Kiwi Kiss paper behind and black paper that's been scalloped on the edges with some Fiskars scissors. Not sure where the orange and white polka dot paper is from, but I have a bunch of it in different colors. Both ribbons are from Michael's.

It's Tuesday and I just want to get thru the work day, hit Costco maybe on the way home and go home and play with Dixie and make more cards. Tuesday's are late nites for Neal because it's boy scout nite so he won't get home til 9 probably.

Over the weekend we went to Trader Joe's for groceries and they have awesome stuff. It's basically all organic, but they have their own line of stuff that's frozen and very reasonable to boot. Last nite we had a spinach/pesto/cheesy pizza from there and it was really, really good. This is going to work out much better for us during the week when neither one of us want to spend that much time in the kitchen. And....we got some chocolate covered fruits from there too - a medley of apricots, strawberries, cherries and blueberries that is just the perfect treat. If you have one in your area check it out!

The picture of Neal and I was taken over the weekend just hanging out together in between running around, but I like how it turned out! We're sure cute for two ugly people! (Luv that song!)

Have a great day!
Peace and Luv,

Hello there and welcome to Halloween week!! This is actually a card from last year, but since I didn't have time over the weekend to do anything new I thought I'd just put it next to my scarecrow guy on the mantle. There's a little kitty in the center of the circle that I put a witch hat on and then put a green bow tie on him too. I cut the letters out with Sizzlets alphabet dies and then there are 2 black brads on top of the red/rust colored Bazzill. The pumpkin paper was from Joann's. The scarecrow is from Michael's a few years ago, but I luv him!

It was a very busy weekend for us and here's a picture of the kids andthe Halloween cookies they made at their aunts yesterday. They were all sugared up when we picked them up but of course they had fun!

I did a little shopping at a scrapbook/stamp sale, but not very much. It was small, and not laid out well, and I couldn't get real close to a lot of the stuff because it was crowded. The cutest part was that a gal that I know recognized Neal from my blog! She was the one that I made the baby girl cards for and she was so appreciative and thankful and that's what it's all about. They were there for the all day crop and they even asked if I had any of my cards with me to buy more. I hate to carry them in my car around with me because of the hot sun here, but maybe I should have a little box with me at all times. It was great to hear the compliments and it gives me the fuel I need to keep going and I had designs dancing in my head all nite long.

Tonite I want to get some recipes for Halloween snacks and stuff together to make for my co-workers and I found an awesome and fun site called Our Best Bites. I added a blinky over on the left there to click on so check it out as it sounds like there will be other fun Halloween stuff posted this week.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

Well Shawn asked for Apricot - this is as close as I could get to that color, so here ya go! And Mon Amie means my friend so this is for you.

I used Close to Cocoa paper on the lower portion and the background leaf stamp is from the Carte Postale set that I used VersaMark ink on. The dot paper and the big circle scallop and butterfly are K&Company's and then I just put some ribbon, silk flower, button, twine and some hearts. The Mon Amie stamp is from the same Carte Postale set.

It's Friday - hot damn!!! Can't tell ya how happy that makes me. We have Neal's kids starting tonite, and tomorrow will be a day of running them to gymnastics, basketball and parties and then they are going to make cookies at their aunts on Sunday. The Packers and the Vikings both don't play this weekend, but the AZ Cardinals do so I'll be watching that with my honey. Other than that, I hope to get some Halloween cards done too this weekend and just enjoy the great weather that's finally here. There is also a scrapbooking show on Sunday that I'd like to go to if I can squeeze it in.

I watched Grey's last nite, but I continue to be a bit disappointed. It's just not as good as it used to be. I'll keep watching, but they need to get some more excitement going.

Well have a great weekend and take care.

Peace and Luv,

I don't like this card, it's just too blah and boring and it reminds me of the cards I did when I first started out. Anyway, it is what it is, and so it's something to post anyway vs. nothing at all. I found a tiny scrap of Purely Pomegranate that I had left, so sad that they got rid of that color, otherwise off white and black, and the patterned paper is from Pocket Full of Posies. The stamp of the flowers is from the Pocket Silhouettes set and I stamped it in Plum something or other. The ribbon is from Michael's and then there are 3 little sticky rhinestones. Maybe I can think of something more to jazz it up down the road before I give it to someone, we'll see. I don't think I'll post this on SCS. I promise to try harder tonite and have something a little better for you tomorrow. Send me a message telling me what you want me to do, I do better if I have a goal to work toward sometimes (again I beg for comments from y'all).

What did I watch last nite - Biggest Loser, which I'm not really into too much this season, and then I always record The View, which is on in the morning. They really get into it politically and that Elizabeth is something else! I can't talk intelligently about any politics myself because I choose to not get that involved in it, but boy she is so set in her thinking it's incredible to me. I'm glad that there are only a few days left of all of this, and I'm sure everybody else is too. I just want peace all over the world, is that too much to ask?!!

I'm still trying to get some pictures of the peeps that I work with to introduce you to them, but no one "wants their picture on the internet", is what their excuse is. If they would just visit this blog, like I've told them to do, they'd realize how tame it is and have no worries, ya?!!'s Friday-Eve isn't it?! That's a good thing! Grey's Anatomy is on tonite, and we're going to make chicken alfredo pizza and salad for dinner. I may have to stop for a bottle of wine to go with too. White Zinfandel is my fav. Quick and easy and oh so good, but then pizza is my favorite food group!

Peace and Luv,

Here are the 2 baby girl cards that I had a special order for. These layouts I did recently on other cards, but I liked how they turned out and so I used them for these too.

For the first one I used the baby carriage from the Fun and Fast notes set and then stamped it again on the new pink paper and cut it out and put it on top of it. I used little sticky pearls for all of the dots, which believe me took awhile to do because they're so small. The sweet baby girl ribbon I've had for awhile and I bought it to make a friend of mines scrapbook so I was happy to use it here. The green is Bazzill and the background pink polka dot paper is from Kelly Panacci. The little green button is a brad, I used Fiskars scallop border punch, large and small circle scallop punches and then a tiny pink baby pin on the ribbon.

The second one is also Kelly Panacci background paper, some lilac colored Bazzill and the tiny onesie is a stamp from the Little Love set. The flower is from the same patterened paper and a Sizzlits die cut. Some pink ribbon, a button and a couple more sticky pearls. I luv the tiny onesie! If you have this set, the wording underneath it says yeah baby, but I didn't think it went with the verse above, so I cut the oneside out on pink paper and then put it on top of a plain circle. I'm getting some use out of my large and small scallop punches these days too!

I'm happy with how they both turned out and I hope she will be too!!

Not sure what my theme for tomorrow's card will be right now. I'll have to look for something to inspire me today and see what I come up with.

Tonite Neal and I finally get to see each other, no basketball, no scouts, just us, so I am so looking forward to that!! Not sure what I'll put together for dinner, maybe mexican since it's his favorite.

Dixie is doing fine these days, she still has the cone on because her feets are still healing and I did hear from her daddy yesterday that I only have 10 days left with her. Boy that really hit me hard. I knew it was soon, but now that it's down to days, I need to super-spoil her and just get lots of hugs and kisses and cuddle time in.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

Breezy Tulips is what I'm calling this one. Another set, mini watercolors I think, that I snapped up at the sale. I used groovy guava for the base and then used the polka dots backgrounder stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms and used the groovy guava ink. Then I used more guava ink and wild wasabi for the tulips and put wild wasabi behind it. I stamped the butterfly in pacific point and cut two of them out and pop-dotted them. The orangey stickies are from stampendous I think. Let's see, the ribbon is wild wasabi and then there's a strip of pacific point paper and off white paper that I used a fancy scissor on. I think that's it.

Below are more pictures from the street art festival that we went to on Saturday nite. HAD to take a picture of the Wizard of Oz one, my favorite movie of all time and the song from it, and then of course the big doggie was just too cute. Luv them all really and I truly have to try this some time. What the heck - it's just sidewalk chalk and if you don't like it just hose it down, ya?!

For tomorrow's post I'll have some baby girl cards. I received a special order on Saturday for them, so that should be fun to do tonite. I just hope I have enough stuff to do it. I should have to stop at Joann's on the way home from work. Did I tell you that I got a gift certificate there? Also from Saturday, and one of the door prizes. Thanks Becky!

Peace and Luv,

Hi there and Happy Monday, if that's possible!! I'm happy because I had a great weekend, I'm tired, but it was busy and really fun. This card is done with the stampin' around dragonfly that I got at the craft sale Saturday for .25 cents! I've been wanting this one and now I have it! I colored the dragonflies in with some green and then used some mossy green Bazzill paper. The flower consists of: a Michael's wedding confetti white flower, then the dark blue is a punch of a coneflower, then a button on top of that. The polka dot ribbon I've had for awhile, and I used all that I had left of it. I will probably be sending this is the hostess of the craft sale since she did so much to make the day fun and special.

Here's a couple of pictures from the sale. The gals that put it all together there playing with the money are Jan and Jaylene, and then the other picture is just of some shoppers. I met some more great ladies and I sold about half of what I brought.

These pictures are from Saturday nite when we went to the street art festival. I took a bunch pictures that I will share with you, but the one that took my breath away was this gorgeous angel. Absolutely incredible what can be done. Just a shame that by now it's all washed away.

This gal was super sweet and posed next to her creation, even tho she was done with it.

This picture is also downtown Scottsdale, and it's hard to see, but there's a fountain behind us.

Then we went to the Sugar Bowl for ice cream. This place is so cute and charming and so pretty and pink! I even had to have pink strawberry ice cream!

I know the spacing on this post is way off with the pictures, gotta work on that some more.

Such an awesome weekend! I hope yours was great too!

Peace and Luv,

The layout for this card is from the SC198 challenge on Splitcoaststampers. There are so many fun cards that everybody came up with and so it inspired me to try it. I just used up some Bazzill scraps and lots of punches. The stamp is from the Fun and Fast Notes set. The ribbon is from Michael's Christmas section right now. I got a whole spool of 3 different kinds of black ribbon on it there. Then I just added 3 black tiny brads. Not bad for another 10pm 20 minute card again.

I've just got tonite to finish up getting all of my stuff together for the sale Saturday because I have to drop everything off Friday nite. I know I won't get everything done that I want to, but that's the way it goes. I think I can still take more with me Saturday morning, but not sure I'll have to ask about that.

Here's a picture (kinda came out dark) of my little pink conehead. Neal's kids were over for dinner last nite and boy did they get a kick out of her. My poor little sad girl. I do take it off a little bit a couple times a nite so she can cuddle with me but I've gotta do this and not give in to her sad little face for her own good. Poor baby. Have I ever explained to you how much I luv, luv, luv this girl?! She is so smart and so funny, and I sure do wish that she would be living closer to me.

Random thought for today - I need a beach and a drink with an umbrella in it!! Neal and I are talking about driving to Rocky Point Mexico, about 5 hours away, for New Year's Eve for a couple of days. He's been there before and talks about it often. I just want to go and get away and sit on the beach with my sweet guy!!

Have a great Friday-Eve and take care!!

Peace and Luv!

Have you ever over-glittered?? That's what I did on these flowers. I put Stickles on them last nite and this morning you couldn't even see the flowers, it just looked like big glitter globs. So I tried to scrape a bunch of it off and then I had to use a black marker on top of it so you could even see them. What a mess and now I don't like this card at all, I'm so picky and judgmental of my own work sometimes it's a wonder I get anything done! Anyway, the main portion of the card is from a bag of natural cards and envelopes from Michael's. Not sure about the blue, but the patterened paper is from Pocket full of Posies and the green is Wild Wasabi. I'm not sure where I got the stamp from, probably the Dollar Tree. I colored it in with 3 of the 4 Copic markers I have and put a Purely Pomegranate heart on the vase and a sheer ribbon bow and then added 3 green rhinestones. It was already 10 last nite and I made this in 20 minutes, so what can ya do? I was running around to 3 different Petsmarts trying to find an E-collar for Dixie (a conehead) because she just won't stop licking her feet and the sores on them are getting worse and I don't know what else to do with her. Her daddy is going to be picking her up in a few weeks and I want to try and get her healed up by then so he doesn't have to deal with it. I did find a pink one tho, so as sad as she looks having to have it on, she does look cute because it's pink!

OY!!! This is a picture of my dining room table mess!! Gosh I hope I sell all of this stuff! I'm not really "making" anything, it's a craft sale so it's packaging up stuff that you want to sell to other crafters. They've advertised on yahoo and craig's list and I'm not sure where else. I didn't have time to work on it at all last nite and tonite Neal's kids will be over for dinner, so I guess we'll all have to gather around the coffee table! Sorry kids! I think I'll make skillet lasagne, salad and garlic bread, and keep my fingers crossed that they will eat it.

Here's a random picture and thought of the day - I want this car!! My little Saturn that I've had since '98 is starting to go on me, and it only has 65,000ish miles on it. I'm such a grannie with my cars! Actually I just like to work close to home is what it is. Anyway, I can't afford anything new, but for this week anyway - this is the car I want! It's a Jeep Wrangler, by the way, and I wonder if it comes in pink or purple? Wouldn't pink be cute?!

Ok well that's it for today. I do hope all is well in your corner of the world wherever you are and drop me a comment if you'd like. I always luv to hear from ya!

Peace and Luv,

Hello! I came across this checkered set while cleaning out my stash from This 'n That. The set included the frame, flower and buttons. The cardstock is Close to Cocoa and Riding Hood Red. The little bird stamp is from Stampin' Up, but I'm not sure which set. I used some ribbon and a few rhinestones and that's about it. The inside verse says's your birthday - Have a Happy Day!

The weather here is gorgeous and in the 80's. Supposed to warm back up at the end of the week into the 90's, but that's still great. Everybody's decorating for Halloween and even tho it's not the typical fall weather I'm used to, it's still a fun time of year. I even bought a fairy skirt for Dixie at the Dollar Tree and I've got all of my fall stuff out, which is a lot since it's my favorite.

I had more written and two other pictures, but they somehow got deleted. Anyway, I'll try and post them tomorrow.

Tonite - Neal's got scouts so it's a late dinner. Gotta try and find some new recipes, I'm kinda bored with the same old, same old, ya know?! What else, well obviously work on my dining room table mess getting ready for the craft sale, and just watch some shows. Hope you have a great day and evening as well. Take care.

Peace and Luv,

Hey everybody, sorry for my laziness and lack of posting, just been busy as a bee (get it?). Anyway I used some new Stampin' Up cardstock -Pacific Point, Baja Breeze and Kiwi Kiss and the tag is K&Company. The Bee stamp is from the Merci set and I sparkled up the wings with Prisma glitter after I stamped him with Pacific Point ink. The button is also Stampin' Up and the ribbon is American Crafts.

I'm busy getting ready for the Craft Sale on Saturday. My dining room table is covered right now, guess I don't have to make dinner then since there's no place to eat it, right?! hee, hee.

We had Neal's kids with us this past weekend and one of the things we did was go to the Phoenix Oktoberfest. It was actually quite lame, if I must say so myself, not much to do but as you can see from the pictures below they had a giant blow up slide that the kids spent a lot of time on. Other than than, I took a bunch of pictures and will be sharing them throughout the week with you.

I've got to go for a pelvic ultrasound this morning. Doesn't that sound like fun? Not!! Just a check-up to see if the fibroids I've got have changed at all. Neal's going with me to hold my hand, because I'm such a big baby, so I'm sure he'll make me laugh at least a dozen times thru it.

I also went on an interview Friday afternoon.......not sure, but we'll see if I get an offer later today or not. Been thinking about it all weekend. It should be a no brainer, but I've gotten comfortable where I'm at, it's just that there's nothing to move up to there and so we'll see what I decide.

Have a great day!!

Peace and Luv,

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