Hi there and Happy Tuesday! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I had this card done but didn't like it at all and didn't have time to make a new one so last nite I tore it apart and this is the result. Still not a favorite, but it's better than it was, believe me. I ripped the stamped part off of it, so I won't be posting this one on splitcoast I guess. Did you notice that the background paper has dragonflies on it? I was so excited when I found it at Michael's and it's from Chatterbox. The flowered strips are from scrapgirls.com, the polka dot ribbon is American Crafts, a Prisma flower, a fancy button with a rhinestone, and that's about it.

Things are shakin up again here at work, kinda scarey. I'm sending resumes out to other companies, but no hits yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that something comes thru before the doors close here. Til then we're all just trying to keep our chins up and think positive.

I watched almost all of Monday night football and boy it was a great game! Lots of excitement and twists and turns. That's what I call a football game! Tom - I know the 'boys are your team, but maybe I'll take that bet after all!

Tonite is the start of House. It's been awhile since we've seen a new show from them! Can't wait for that. When does the new Grey's Anatomy start? Now that's something to look forward to!

It's actually only in the 80's here this morning in Phoenix and it feels good. I think the high, they say, will be 99. That's below 100 - and that's a good thing!! I heard from my niece in Texas and she saw a bit of the aftermath of the hurricane in Grapevine, but she's safe and that's all that matters. Plus she has a new guy in her life - that's always a good thing! Luv ya Traci!!

Take care everybody and I'll keep the good thoughts going for all of you as long as you promise to send all of that good stuff back to me!!!

Peace and much luv,


Miss TNT said...

Lova ya Aunt J!

Tommy T said...

Name the bet! That was an off night for the boys! You will see this weekend. The Cheese heads don't stand a chance!

shawn said...

I like the card.. it looks really nice.. and the dragonfly paper is great..
I was at a art fair this past weekend and they had a bunch of dragonfly stuff... Thought of you right away!!
Can relate to the job thing.. I too am looking for a new job!! I will keep you in my thoughts as well..
Here in the Twin Cities it got to 82 yesterday.. so it was pretty nice here too... No 100's thankfully!!
HOUSE was great!! gotta love how they left it...

Elena said...

Very beautiful paper! Love the dragonflies! The card is so warm and soft! Love it!

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