I think my picture taking skills, or lack of, really show here today, sorry. It's kind of a weird angle. I guess I should start taking the pictures at nite and not first thing in the morning before I've had my coffee! Anyway, I used the Sealed With a Kiss stamp set for the "love you" and colored in the heart with a red marker, one of my handmade crochet flowers with a brad and red rhinestone in the center, the heart is a sticker that I put on some cardstock and then pop-dotted it. The little blue button is actually a brad and all of the paper is K&Compay's Wild Saffron designer set. Some ribbon and a few more red rhinestones. I used the large and small scallop round punch, and I think that's it. Oh - the ink is just staz-on black and then I used Color Box chestnut brown around all of the edges.

Well - what do I talk about today? What's in the news - the stock market falling, polictics, more politics, and it's all depressing and this isn't a place that I certainly want any of that talked about. I know it's real and stuff that affects all of us in different ways, and all we can do is hope that things turn around with a new president. Enough said.....

I've talked about the "Sale" coming up here on October 18th. The scrapbook/cardmaking/stamping supplies yard sale and I really need to get moving on that. I've got some ideas for putting together some make your own card kits using a picture of one of my cards and then having all of the supplies included to make maybe 3 of your own. I also have specialty papers that I want to put ribbons and emblishments and stuff together for hopefully a quick sale. Not sure about pricing on stuff like tho. Gotta get stickers, bags, etc. and stop procrastinating! Tomorrow is the 1st already - that means I have 17 days to get it together!

We're planning a quick day trip to Sedona on Saturday that I'm looking forward to. I went there like 14 years ago, or however long it's been, and I loved it so I want to go back and take some pictures and see Snoopy-rock too! There's an art fair going on that we want to try and find too and have some lunch and just enjoy the day. It's supposed to cool off this weekend, so it should be perfect.

That's it for now - have an awesome day - take care!

Peace and Luv,

Here's some of the cool stuff I did at the Stampin' Up card party I went to. These are two of the demonstrators designs, not mine, but had to share with you some of the new colors and paper. We used some of the new cardstock colors
Riding Hood Red, Kiwi Kiss and Pink Pirouette and the patterned paper is from the Bella Rose collection. The cupcake stamp is from the Crazy for Cupcakes set. Also used some chunky glitter on the cupcakes and I got the chance to try out the markers here too. I really like them, but they are spendy. Gotta start buying a couple at a time. The other thing pictured is a little purse that holds a chocolate nugget. Too cute isn't it? I had a great time - thanks so much Jan, and to Brenda for her hospitality!! I ordered some of the new colors and ink and a stamp set too. I do luv the new colors!

Yesterday was not a very good football day at all. My team lost, Neal's team lost, the AZ Cardinals lost, but to a team with an awesome quarterback anyway! We had Neal's kids for the weekend, which is always fun and then had his siblings over to watch the MN game. Of course then came the premier of Amazing Race last nite, also exciting. Looks to be another interesting season, but I didn't see any real standout funny people really, so we'll see how it goes as we get farther into it.

I did have great news at the doctor on Saturday and all of my bloodwork came back great! No other problems to worry about right now and that's so good to hear. I did get a flu shot, and got a bit of a reaction to it, my arm is red and puffy, but if I can ward off any flu down the road I will!

Have a great Monday!

Peace and Luv,

It's Friday!! We made it!! This card is a copy of a design on Lilybean's Paperie Blog, except I used dragonflies instead of butterflies (surprised?). Not a great picture again, but I was trying to get it done this morning before flying out the door, so it is what it is. The cardstock and ink is actually Bravo Burgundy, but you wouldn't know it, it looks black huh? Gotta figure out some better photography or something real soon somehow. I know anybody that's good with Photoshop maybe (wink). You know who you are! Help me!! Anyway.....the old newspaper looking paper is a scrap I had around, and then I stamped another Sky Blue dragonfly, glittered it up and pop-dotted it in the middle. Used some pink rhinestones and pearls, sheer ribbon and a big blue and silver brad. Gosh this picture doesn't do it justice - makes me mad - that's a huge disappointment when you spend so much time on it, ya know?!! Blah, blah, blah....

I've got a follow up doctor appointment tomorrow morning and we'll see what they find wrong with me now! Wish I didn't have to go at all, but if I don't I can't get my medicine that I need for the other stuff that's wrong with me, so there ya go. Then.....the fun stuff.....I got invited to a Stampin' Up Card party!! Can't wait to get together and create and eat and learn new stuff and gab the afternoon away! Of course I'll share with ya what I learn (maybe), just kidding. Not much else planned I don't think, just hanging at the humble abode and watching football in my jammies.

Have an awesome weekend, whatever it is you do, be safe and take care!!

Peace and Luv,

I didn't do a back to school card, and I wasn't really sure where I was going with this one, but that's what it reminds me of. I used lots of stuff tho on it! The tree stamp, which I used Close to Cocoa ink on Wild Wasabi paper, is from Hero Arts as well as the red rhinestone sticky "apples". I actually stamped the trees 9 times, 5 on the main paper and then I cut out 4 more and pop-dotted them. The yellow paper behind that is from K&Company the Wild Saffron set and I used the spiral punch on the side to make it look like notebook paper. Behind that is some red Bazzill, my typical creme cardstock and then the base of it is Close to Cocoa. The ribbon is Wild Wasabi striped grosgrain and then I used the Tart and Tangy apple stamp and then must hand cut out a Wild Wasabi leaf for it. All of the edges are aged with Color Box cat's eye in Chestnut.

It's Friday-Eve, and I've got a McDonald's vanilla iced coffee in front of me, so it's starting out good. Not much on my desk here to do yet this morning, but I hope the day will pick up. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, so that's also important since if they're not "it" usually rolls my way eventually, if you know what I mean.

I did watch House last nite that was tivo'd from Tuesday. I liked it, always intriguing and a little gross at the same time, but I luv to see how they figure all of that stuff out. I kinda like the new private investigator he's got too (wink, wink), which is an interesting twist, huh? Is he a permanent fixture or was this just a one time thing? Should be interesting to see. So I got this card done as well as a jump start on another dragonfly card, except that I can't find my pinking shears to finish it! Gotta look for that when I get home!

DON'T FORGET - there's a new Grey's Anatomy tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!! Yea!!!!!

Peace and Luv,

Since I have no card today, basically because I was just too darn lazy last nite, you get pictures of my baby girl. If you don't already know, her name is Dixie and she's the most awesome dog in the world, if I must say so myself. She's always there for me with the unconditional love no matter what and always ready with hugs and kisses for me too. She's 6 now, and so she sleeps more than she did before, but that's ok by me since when she was a baby she was always bouncing off the walls. They say that's what Jack Russell Terrier's are like tho, so I knew what I was getting myself into. She's very protective and doesn't take to new people well. She's kinda like a cat in that respect, she wants to come to you when she's ready, not the other way around. Me and her daddy haved shared custody of her, and she will be moving to Omaha with her daddy's new job next month. I'm going to miss her like crazy, as if I needed to say that. She's just so smart and cute and I'm not sure what I'll do without her. She also loves to share a bowl of popcorn with me when I watch a chick flick! It's just too bad I can't find any male in my life to act the same way!

Have a great day/nite - Peace and Luv!

This is one I Miss You card for many friends of mine living in other states that I really do miss very much. That's one thing that's hard when you move to another state, just missing everybody so much. Anyway - this goes to all of you out there, and you know who you are, that I wish I could give a big hug to! (You are included in this too David!). I will have to write about my long lost high school sweetheart David that just reappeared into my life someday!

The stamps are: the bench from Time for You set and the doggie from the A Little Love set. The doggie is pop-dotted too. The background paper is, ribbons Target and American Crafts, ink is Close to Cocoa and a couple of rhinestones.

Last nite all I really did was watch some football and make dinner (click on the name for the recipe) Crispy Potato Barbecue Stacks. They were really good, and you gotta luv for some easy recipes.

Tonite - a couple of good shows are on, but other than that maybe make a couple of return phone calls and call it a nite! Still can't seem to get caught up on sleep from the weekend. I'm too old to be going out on the town like that, but it won't stop me from doing it again the next time the opportunity arises either - that was way too much fun!

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

What a weekend! For thinking on Friday that I didn't have anything much going on, holy cow did I have fun! I had mentioned that I was going out Friday after work with some of the people I work with for a birthday party, and I got home at midnite! Had such a good time, and next to us was a guy waiting for a blind date to show up, so you know we had to get involved in that! He was so nervous and they turned out to be a great couple that I hope to actually stay in touch with. Saturday nite was another fun time with some of the same people and we went to listen to a live band and danced and laughed my butt off and actually closed the place down. Can't remember the last time that I actually did that.

So anyway, this little birdie stamp seemed appropriate to say - thanks...I needed that - to all involved in making my weekend so much fun. The patterned papers are K&Company's Wild Saffron with Blue Bayou cardstock. The stamp is from the Fast & Fun Notes set. I used a yellow marker for the flowers, Blue Bayou ink for the bird, a button, some cording, pop-dots, and rhinestones.

Not really sure what this week will bring just yet. I'll be watching Monday nite football tonite so I can see my Brett playing with the Jets, getting some cards done and watching all of my shows this week that I luv. There's a new Grey's on Thursday! I hope to tell a few more stories this week and introduce you to some special people in my life too.

Have a great day!

Peace and Luv,

Boy cards are so hard to do!!! I struggled for awhile last nite on this, but I'm pretty happy with the results. The colors are much brighter than they appear here, but you know how that goes. The black strip is actually crimped, but you can't really tell that. The rest of the paper is from, and the studs are from stampendous, I think. This card is for a guy I work with who is 39 today and we're heading out after work to celebrate so we are all looking forward to that after a very long and exhausting week.

What this weekend means for me is looking for another weekend/part time job again, and starting over looking for an affordable place to call my own. It's exciting and scarey at the same time, but I have to put my big girl panties on and stay focused on what's important, and that would be me. I know that there's better things out there for me, I meet new and awesome people here in Phoenix everyday, and life goes on. I can't continue to stress over something that just wasn't meant to be to begin with, that is for sure. It's going to take a long time for the trust factor wall that I've built up around me to come down tho. Ok, ok, I've said more than I probably should here, but that's ok right? This is my blog, and it's my party!! I can say what I want and feel good and free about it!! I'm releasing all the bad energy from my body with each word and it feels good!!

Not sure that I'll post anything this weekend, but you never know....I do hope that ya'll have a great weekend tho...and I will too....

Peace and Luv,

This card is for my niece Traci, who not only got a promotion at work but also won second place in a 5K race for children's charities! Congrats, congrats Traci!! I can't tell you how proud of you I am and so happy to have you as part of my life. You always have kind and uplifting words for me and I can't wait to see all of the good things that you will do with the rest of your life. I just wish you weren't so far away from me!! (We need to talk about Thanksgiving!!)

The details of this card are - Close to Cocoa cardstock and the patterened paper is and K&Company's Wild Saffron, Close to Cocoa ink, some cording, a button and some rhinestones for some bling.

So as a gal here at work calls this day - Happy Friday Eve!! Doesn't that just crack you up?! She said this to me for the first time last week, and I can honestly say that I've never heard that before! That's a good way to think of it, yes? The day is starting off good (when someone tells you that you look like you've lost weight - now that's a good day) and I do hope it stays that way! Think positive, think positive, think positive.....

Peace and Luv,

For this special birthday card I used Purely Pomegranate and Groovy Guava cardstock, the patterned paper is from and the present is a stamp from the Dollar Tree (luv that place). The sheer ribbon is Michael's and the guava-colored ribbon is from Target. I used my star punch and a purple rhinestone. Fun and certainly girly.

Today I heard from another special someone about a worry tree. This is a tree that you hang your troubles on from work before you go into your home and leave them there so that when you're at home it doesn't get in the way. I'm a strong believer of not letting work situations get the best of your home life, and so it was nice to hear from someone else that they felt the same. With that, things are still a bit weird here at work, but of course everyone worries when you've got bills to pay. The way that things are in the world right now, jobs are few and far between so we need to hang on to what we've got, but a sense of security sure would help. I'm thankful for what I have and especially the people I work with. They've gotten me thru some dark days with laughter and there's something good to be said about that. I've been thinking about introducing you to some of these co-workers on here, but they've been a little leary about that, so I'll keep working on it.

Have a great Wednesday, whatever the day brings to you, and I certainly hope it's all good things!!

Take care - Peace and Luv!!!

Hi there and Happy Tuesday! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I had this card done but didn't like it at all and didn't have time to make a new one so last nite I tore it apart and this is the result. Still not a favorite, but it's better than it was, believe me. I ripped the stamped part off of it, so I won't be posting this one on splitcoast I guess. Did you notice that the background paper has dragonflies on it? I was so excited when I found it at Michael's and it's from Chatterbox. The flowered strips are from, the polka dot ribbon is American Crafts, a Prisma flower, a fancy button with a rhinestone, and that's about it.

Things are shakin up again here at work, kinda scarey. I'm sending resumes out to other companies, but no hits yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that something comes thru before the doors close here. Til then we're all just trying to keep our chins up and think positive.

I watched almost all of Monday night football and boy it was a great game! Lots of excitement and twists and turns. That's what I call a football game! Tom - I know the 'boys are your team, but maybe I'll take that bet after all!

Tonite is the start of House. It's been awhile since we've seen a new show from them! Can't wait for that. When does the new Grey's Anatomy start? Now that's something to look forward to!

It's actually only in the 80's here this morning in Phoenix and it feels good. I think the high, they say, will be 99. That's below 100 - and that's a good thing!! I heard from my niece in Texas and she saw a bit of the aftermath of the hurricane in Grapevine, but she's safe and that's all that matters. Plus she has a new guy in her life - that's always a good thing! Luv ya Traci!!

Take care everybody and I'll keep the good thoughts going for all of you as long as you promise to send all of that good stuff back to me!!!

Peace and much luv,

Hi and Happy Friday to you. I felt the need to do a dragonfly card, so here ya go. The papers are all from - the Naturescape set. The stamps are: the corner swirly from inque boutique, the verse from stampabilities and the dragonfly has no name on it. I used Close to Cocoa for the swirl and verse and Old Olive for the dragonfly. Also Color Box Chestnut around all the edges. The glittery orangey stickies are from stampabilities also.

I'm happy it's Friday, but no big plans for the weekend either. Just going to lay low and try and de-stress myself and hopefully feel better next week. I've got a couple of movies to watch and one that I'm borrowing and of course I want to get some cards done too.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, whatever it is you do. Be safe and take care!

Peace and luv,

Well when I was making this card last nite I completely forgot what the date was today when I would be posting this - 9/11. This date will forever mean something to all of us and so I thought that by posting a card about happiness would seem too out of place and insensitive today. But then I thought about it a little bit on my drive to work, and now that I've had too much coffee and my mind is racing faster than I can form the words, I'm thinking well of course it's ok to want happiness for everyone, and especially those today who may have lost someone on this day. I know that I think about my mom and a very special brother in law everyday since they both passed 5 years ago and it makes me sad, but I do remember good things too, and I use my moms sayings all the time, and when the words come out of my mouth it makes me laugh. And so, even tho we will always remember where we were and what we were doing 7 years ago today, I just have to believe that as sad and tragic that that day was for all of us, we all need to remember the good things we do have in our lives to be grateful for, and so I will say that I do hope that Happiness be Yours, and with you, especially today but mostly always.

Think Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace today, and I send much luv from me to you!!

The Tart and Tangy set was itching to be used, and I hadn't used the cherry yet, so here you go. The background stripe paper is from and then I used Purely Pomegranate and Soft Sky. The ribbon is Target's and I used the white Signo pen to pep it up a little. I do luv these colors together, I have to say.

It's Wednesday - that's pretty good right? At noon we will be halfway thru the work week and that's not a bad thing. We actually got some hail here in Phoenix yesterday. It bopped me in the head as I was trying to close the storage door outside that always seems to be open at times like these. By the time I took the couple steps outside to close the door and go back in I was pretty much soaked. Kinda felt good tho.

Do you watch Big Brother? This is only my second season watching and it's getting down to the wire now. Next week is the end and I'm not sure I want any of the 3 to win at this point. I hate it when I get into a show and then this happens. The good guys never finish last. Interesting to say the least to watch tho.

Tonite.....steaks on the grill and catch up on a couple of tivo'd shows.

Have an awesome day!

Peace and Luv,

So I took a little unplanned "Blog Break" for awhile. You know how it goes sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug! I'm fine and thanks for the emails of concern. Just went thru a little bit of a crappy couple of weeks and I know better than to not keep creating since this is one of my passions, but I did, and I apologize for that. I guess somehow I don't think you want to hear anything but good here, but perhaps to keep writing and creating is really what I need to do. It's what I love to do, it takes me away from thinking about the bad stuff that life has hiding around its little corners and I do not want to give it up.

At any rate, I was still checking out the blogs of others and found another blog that I like called TamTam Design Studio and she had 21 suggestions for success of which I pared down to 5 that meant the most to me that I can relate to and need to focus on not just now but always. When I showed them to Neal he thought it already was a definition of myself, and that felt really good to hear.

  1. Be forgiving of yourself and others.

  2. Have a grateful heart.

  3. Be good to yourself.

  4. Take good care of those you love.

  5. Don't do anything that wouldn't make my mom proud.

To get to the card design a little bit, it's an old stamp set called Petal Prints. I used some Wild Wasabi paper, ribbon and ink. The rest are shades of purple-ish blue-ish scraps and some Color Box classic pigment inks and then the pearls are like stickers. Not sure who makes them.

It's Sunday evening - been watching football almost all weekend, but tomorrow nite is the real game to watch - Packers vs. Vikings. Since Neal is from Minnesota this should be interesting!!

Here's a picture of my Dixie - she's doing fine too!

She's going to have to go back with her daddy real soon, so I will be taking lots of pictures.

Peace and much luv to you all!!

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