Happy 08-08-08 and TGIF!! Since 8 is my lucky number, I'm very excited about today. This just HAS to be a good day, doesn't it? It's Friday, it's the opening of the Olympics and my favorite number, so I'm expecting good things out of this day!

No stamps were harmed in the making of this card. That's because I didn't use any (hee, hee)!! From where this card started out, to what it is now is interesting. It was really big, with 3 circle flowers, and dwindled down to this. To me it looks like when you are looking down into a bouquet of flowers. I do like the color combo. Lots of dots and tape were used and in the end I like it and from where it started, to wanting to just toss it in the trass, I'm happy now.

I do hope y'all have an awesome and fun weekend. Not too much planned for me really. I am getting together with my Stampin' Up gal to get the new catalog. I've got a guy coming over to look at getting some electrical work done, so that maybe over my desk I can actually get some good lighting. Just imagine the cards I can make if I can actually see what I'm doing?! Other than that, it's a no kids weekend, so movies and Olympics and some shoppin and hanging with my guy. Be safe!

Peace and much, much luv!

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shawn said...

So did anything LUCKY happen on 08-08-08?
Love the card.. I am going to try this weekend.. I promise!!

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