Hi there - I have no card for you today!! That's because I went out last nite for a few adult beverages with friends and so I thought I'd post something anyway and so it's a picture of Neal's bike on the side of our house that the weeds have taken a liking to. Can you tell that he hadn't used it in awhile?! Anyway, he did build an awesome little grill area for himself right there so he took a picture of the bike before he had to move it. I'll have to get a picture of what it looks like now for ya. The picture looks like it's cut off on the lower left corner, but it's really a part of the table that was there. It's sort of a bad angle.

Anyway, the other picture is of my baby girl Dixie and to me it looks like she's laughing hysterically, so I thought I could maybe put a smile on anybody's face who may need it today just by looking at her. She's so silly.........

Well I will be home tonite, so I'm not sure what may trigger my imagination to respresent what I may create tonite, but it's early in the day and we'll see what kind of inspiration it brings me.

Have a good one!

Much Peace and luv,

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shawn said...

Dixie is sooo cute!! I am thinking that the caption might be.. Yeah, I know I am cute!!

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