Happy Thursday and welcome to today's card that I will call Dragonfly Wonderland! This layout I got from CPS or Card Positioning Systems, they have an awesome blog. This idea is from July 3rd - CPS #71 - Part 3 and was designed by Melissa Phillips. Of course I used dragonflies instead of butterflies like she did. Anyway, just went thru my scrap bin, I know that the orangey pink floral is from Pocket Full of Posies, but that's about all I can name. The stamp is from katie&co and I used Blue Bayou ink, and the ribbon is from Michael's. I used a small cosmo flower punch, 3 small silver brads and the xoxo metal tag is from Joann's. I also did some faux stitching using the mat from Stampin' Up and then used my favorite white Signo pen, and of course another button from Neal's shirt (hee, hee). I really need to do some organizing of my craft stuff - I can't find anything right now!! I also plan on finding the new Hobby Lobby this weekend that just opened here. I used to spend some money at the one in Denver all the time, and I hear that they carry Copic pens which I haven't ventured into yet. I figure I might buy a couple and see what all of the hoopla is about them that I keep reading about on other blogs. They're expensive, so I'll probably like them - you know how that goes!

Thank goodness it's Thursday. This has been the longest working week of my life I think! Not sure why, just not too busy and that doesn't help the day go by quickly which means I'm bored. Hopefully today will bring something new and wonderful - (sarcastic hee, hee). A girl can dream - if only they wouldn't mind if I stamped at my desk!

Last nite Neal and I made (well mostly Neal) a beef stir-fry/chow mein dinner. Boy was it good! He took a couple of tri-tip steaks and marinated them in soy sauce and garlic and salt and pepper and then grilled them, so they had this really cool crispy coating on the outside. Then he brought them in and sliced them up real thin like and we put them in a pot with a frozen bag of asian veggies and a little water until the veggies were tender. Then we added a little cornstarch to thicken it up and ate it over chow mein noodles - yum, yum!! Gotta try it with chicken next time too, or pork.

By the way, I came into work this morning and a bird did his business hugely on my window!!! I hope this isn't bad karma for the day???!!!!

Peace and luv, luv, luv,

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shawn said...

AGAIN with another really great card!! I really like this one!
what is poor Neil going to do?? no buttons on his shirts.. hope he has a nice chest to show off.. and the stir fry sounds really yummy!! I think that the bird didn't know what it was doing...

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