Hi!!!! Ok, so it's been awhile - how about 2 weeks and a day to be exact! What can I say, sometimes life just really stinks and I certainly was in no mood to make "happy" cards. I thought about closing down this site too, and even tho I don't get very many comments, the ones that I do get feel good and this is my little place to share some of my life and it keeps me busy. That being said, I could have done a better job sharing what was happening with me even thru the bad days since I know I'm not alone and that everybody has bad days. Boy did I think of some interesting cards I could have made! I pinky swear to do better with it from now on.

I'm just posting a little notecard today with a handmade crocheted flower. The blue cardstock I can't be sure of, but the front piece is Sahara Sand. The square dot stamp is from Heroarts - Patterns & Prints set. I used Color Box classic orange ink, and the ribbon is from Target. I used the round scallop punch to put behind the crocheted flower fastening it altogether with an off white brad. Then I used a little bit of what was left of the ribbon and attached them with 2 little silver brads. If you are interested in the pattern for the flower, or if you'd like to purchase one for a buck - email me at jeannie.thomas@yahoo.com.

I have red, orange, white, ecru, yellow, light and dark blue available, as seen here in the picture. They are about, but not quite an inch and a half round.

While I do have a busy week and weekend ahead of me, I do plan on posting as often as I can. I apologize for being a slacker, and if you have any questions or comments to share, I'd love to hear them.

Peace and luv, luv, luv.....


shawn said...

It's nice to have you back!! and the card is really cute too!!!

shawn said...

It's nice to have you back!! and the card is really cute too!!!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Hi Jeannie. I found your blog while searching Crocheted flowers on SCS. Yours are absolutely gorgeous as is all your work. If your offer is still open I would so appreciate receiving the pattern for the flower. My email address is caml1@shaw.ca

Thank you in advance!!!

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