What Heroes Gave

Each donned their uniform to be defenders of our liberty,

Their mission sure, their spirits bright - guard freedom's home, be brave to fight,

One final day each faced their call, each gave their best, enduring all,

We'll never know what they went through, but know they loved this country true,

Deep down inside we should all feel,
what heroes gave, their cost so real,

We must stay thankful, grateful of,
the gift of freedom through their love,

Their loved ones bore the gravest pain,
what we can't know, some now sustain,

To God I pray their pain will cease,
and each will find long-lasting peace,

Remember this from year to year,
what heroes gave shan't disappear,

We'll never let their special day,
their time for honor slip away,

These brave fought for a nation free,
if not for them, where would we be?

Peace and Love (please)....

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Tom said...

This was lovely! thank you so much for sharing it..
Elizabeth Glass

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