This is my first sympathy card. I'm sorry to say that a good friend's husband has passed away and I really struggled with what to say on this card and then I found this verse and thought it fit. If it's too hard to read it just says - He will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved him. He passed away at 58 of Lou Gehrig's disease after an 18 month battle. Boy sometimes how short life can be just really hits home and reminds you, and this is a big one. Of course she's in Wisconsin and gosh I sure do wish I was there right now, as you can imagine. I started not sharing this card at all here on the blog, because it seemed to be a personal thing, but since this is a very short version of my daily life journal, so to speak, I felt I had to share it. Her life has changed in a way that she never expected and it's just so hard to understand why these things come about and happen to all of the good and happy people, it really makes me sad and downright pissed off to tell you the truth. I do hope that some day there will be cures for all of these nasty diseases that just tear families apart, and I hope it happens soon.

It's a Monday - enuf said? Well it really wasn't too terribly bad for me actually. I had a pretty good day at work, nothing too crazy came my way anyway. The phones were busy with people looking to get interviewed for the positions we have available, so that's always interesting to deal with, but it helped the day go by fast. Tonite, just answer a few emails, get a little ironing done (maybe), dinner and catch the season finale of Medium probably.

Have a great nite and don't forget to tell your significant other you love them tonite.

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