More inchies - sorry - but they are so much fun and I still have a couple of them lying around to use up and then I found this ribbon to go with the sunshine. My dad always sang this song to me when I was little, so the song in and of itself has special meaning to me. The yellow background paper is from, the sun stamp is from Year Round Fun II, the ribbon is from Target and the blue textured paper is from DCWV. I did some faux stitching and then put some fun swirly sequins above it. It's 110ish here in AZ, so the sun is certainly a good thing to post a card about today.

It's a Monday, I was really tired this morning and certainly didn't want to be at work, but I was in an ok mood until everybody else showed up and they were not! Geez, I think everybody got up on the wrong side of the bed and it didn't really get better until after lunch. Then 2 of the air conditioners went out in the warehouse and that didn't make for a comfortable afternoon out there for anyone, let me tell you. I hope they get it fixed tonite, or tomorrow won't be much better.

I'm watching Oprah right now from earlier today and it's the Mary Tyler Moore show reunion. What fun! Mary is awesome, but at 70 she definately has had some work done! They even recreated the newsroom and her apartment. Brings back memories, I sure did love that show!

Have a great nite - comments are much appreciated - Peace and Love....

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