Let's paint the town RED!! That's what the inside says anyway! This is a Dollar Tree stamp that I just thought was too cute and had to have it because for $1 you just never know how you can be inspired by it. I also had not used the spiral bound punch and I must say it's kinda tricky. Not sure if I was having a moment or what, but it doesn't work like I thought it would. Love the results, so I'll have to play with it more. Of course I DON'T have the instructions that came with it! Anyway, just the basics here and some red brads and ribbon is all. I think it's too, too cute if I must say so myself!

It's Friday, and my first full work week now that I'm not working for the temp agency anymore, but on the company's payroll. I'm tired! It's ok cuz I need the $$$'s I just didn't get anything done here at the house like I usually do. Normally all of the laundry is done and the house is clean. Not today! And I'm certainly not going to do it now!

Anyway - have a great evening!

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