I think right now just about everyone knows someone who could use this card. So many allergies and junk going around that's no fun at all to deal with. The inspiration for this card is from Cardmaker magazine - the January 2006 issue and the designer is Sara Horton. I redid the shape of the bowl, it was just really big, but I'm going to try making it again, maybe with a different theme than get well. It would be good to have a few of these on hand or tuck into your desk drawer for someone at work. They'd luv ya!

It's Wednesday already. I'm finally getting over feeling not so great myself but I sure am tired. I decided to go to happy hour with a co-worker last nite who didn't have a very good day and I didn't get home until 10! That's certainly my bedtime right there. Anyway I think I helped her work thru some things and it was good to go out for awhile too.


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