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Friday, October 5, 2007

I had an interesting morning! I went to the tire store and was told it was going to be about an hour and a half. Of course I had to ask where the nearest Starbucks was and I was told it was only a few blocks down the road. So I figured it's a beautiful day, why not? I was told by the time I got back they'd be done. So I start walking, and about 5 blocks later I find it, but not before I've got to walk down one of the busiest streets in Englewood. Note to self: Don't walk by yourself down a busy street unless you want to get honked at and/or offered a ride!! Kinda scarey, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking - not bad for somebody my age! I still got it! (Not). So anyway, I figured once I get there I can sit in their comfy chairs for awhile and have a nice Tall, Iced, Nonfat, Cinnamon Dulce Latte, no whip, only to find out that it's a drive up/walk up Starbucks! It's right about now that I decide that I probably shouldn't have wore the sandals I have on. Anyway, I walk back pumped full of caffeine and of course the car isn't done, why would it be? So I sit down outside and the building next door is called Headed West. Well I figure I can be inspired anywhere and perhaps they'll have some interesting "papers" in there?! So I go in, I'm overcome by the smell of incense, but I'm greeted with a friendly hello and I continue to look around. No great "paper" for me, but they did have an interesting rack of t-shirts. So I'm going thru them, hit the tie dye section, and much to my surprise I find a tie dye shirt with Hootie and the Blowfish on it! Well it's karma, it's kismet, it's something, because they were my favorite band back in 1994/95! Who can forget Hold My Hand or Only Want to Be With You? How about Let Her Cry? Well they only have XL's, darn it, so I ask, and of course that's all they have. I can't let it go, I've got to get it and I figure I can sleep in it tonite (after I wash it, of course) with the essence of incense that probably won't ever wash out of it. It was an interesting morning, and so I'm inspired today by tie dye. Not being really sure what to do with that, I came home and messed around with a little bit of ink and water, and the only thing I liked was this little flower or what looked to be a flower to me. So I cut it out, it curled up a bit because it was still wet, so I left it that way, and you see the results of the rest of it. Not my best work, but that's the way it goes some days - TGIF! -

Recipe: Paper is Sahara Sand and Always Artichoke and the purple leaf background is from the Pocket full of Posies matstack. The stem and leaves are stamps from the Petal Prints set. I used Old Olive ink to muddy up all of the edges. A little bit of purple ribbon, 3 crystal rhinestones and the font is Lizzie Longstocking.

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