Do We Have to Get Out of Bed Today Mama?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well it's just one of those days I guess. I received some not so good news from the doc's that I really wasn't hoping to hear, (my neck is still not healed). But the good news is that I can get off of the blood thinners. So today being the first day that I'm trying to do that isn't the best. It took me so long to get used to being on them, that I imagine it may not be easy to get off of them either. I know how I felt a year ago, and I know I feel better than that, so I just have to try and push this whole thing to the back of my mind and live life the best I can. At any rate, I didn't get any new cards done for today, but I've got my favorite girlfriend Dixie to share the blankets with me and keep me company. She LOVES days like this!! I hope all is well in your little corner of the world wherever you are, take care of yourself, and just LIVE!!!

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